Weekend notes

Some Jibble-notes on the weekend:

I'm having trouble thinking of something to write about, so here's my collage of weekend thoughts:
  • Center Ice needs to make sure they put as many games as possible in "Games 1-10". I don't know about other markets, but some (i.e. my) market only gets games 1-10. Since the Avs-Kings game was on "Game 11" I was forced to listen to it on the radio. This is despite the fact that 2 channels within 1-10 showed nothing on them all day, two had both the home and away feed of a different game, and another two showed games at 11am and noon, and the Avs played at 7:30pm.

    I guess that goes with the NHL's mission statement: Let's put as much hockey as possible on channels no one has!

  • More bitching about Center Ice: I realize it wasn't part of the "Game" but blacking out the Roy pre-game celebration in Montreal was beyond idiotic.
  • Well, he might not be [in the lineup for the next Avs-Kings match]. He might be in the minors. He was at the minors in the beginning of the year.
    --Ian Laperriere (on retribution to Ziegler)

    So that's why the Avs wanted Jesse Boulerice back from Edmonton, and into Lake Erie.
    LE Monsters vs Manchester Monarchs Feb 14th in Manchester.
    A St. Valentines day massacre? FYI this is an hour and a half drive for our good friend DD of In the Cheap Seats Mile High Hockey. I expect him to sacrifice Valentines day and take the misses to see Ziegler get pounded if he's on the Monarchs.
  • Watching Georges Laraque chasing Milan Lucic around the ice in saturdays Habs-Bruins tilt was comedy at it's finest. It made a fascinating subplot to an already interesting game.
  • The Sharks and Kings look identical from afar in their new 3rd jerseys (At least they didn't make the Coyotes mistake:).


  1. good god the 'yotes look like tools

  2. I set up DVR to get Roy's ceremony and coverage started with a Wendel Clark interview. It made no sense and then I turned on NHL Network and saw NHL on the Fly was on. Then I realized that it sucked.

    Seriously, that show is a disgrace.