Things I'm thankful for (Hockey edition)

These are the hockey related things I'm thankful for:
  • This clip:

  • NHL CenterIce, without which I would be a lost soul
  • the Hockey blogosphere, which entertains, enlightens, and enthuses me.
  • the quality and quantity of Avs bloggers, and the commenters in those blogs which have allowed me to discuss the Avs while living in San Jose.
  • Adrian Dater's temper
  • Scott Hannan helped save middle earth, and I'm thankful the Jibblewife noticed his cover:
  • ESPN doesn't broadcast Hockey
  • The Avs have been so good for so long that one down season evokes despair, instead of complacency
  • Peter Budaj has played well, thereby saving my credibility, oh and keeping the Avs from really sucking balls.
  • Two Stanley Cups
  • Ugly Hockey Sweaters, which let me know that the Avs Unipron could have been much much worse.
  • HD
  • Paul Stastny and Adam Foote picked Hockey and not acting
  • TiVo
  • I'm thankful that I started my own Avs blog, which has been, and continues to be rewarding
  • Ian Laperriere's banana nose
  • Milan Hejduk's consistent professionalism
  • Paul Stastny's potential
  • Adam Foote's mean streak
  • Wojtek Wolski's future
  • JM-Liles development
  • Budaj's mask's
  • Eric Lindross's refusal to go to Quebec City
  • Forsberg's career
  • Mario Trembley's incompetance
  • "No more Rats" , "I couldn't hear him because I had 2 Stanley Cup rings in my ear"
  • "Forget the Rats, throw the Hats":
  • And of course, Joe Sakic

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone (even Red Wings fans)

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  1. Yeah Brother! Glad to hear someone else is thankful that ESPN is out of the hockey biz.
    The JibbleWife is right! Very funny!
    Keep up the good work, I enjoy the blog!