Are you smarter than a... hockey expert?

You know, there's still a ton of stuff I was going to bitch about. The offense continues to be underwhelming, the refs made some downright bizarre, and awful, calls both ways tonight, and Darcy Tucker wasn't suspended (and should have been that was a dirty hit) but you know what? The Avs just broke a 5-game losing streak with a 1-0 shutout... all is gravy (not lumpy) tonight!

TJ Hensick proving bloggers and fans right.. 2 games, 2 assists and he has even played some good defense.

Arnason is a healthy scratch... Avs win.

Budaj with a much needed shutout and a strong game to boot.

And even more importantly, the Avs defense played extremely well, and actually were in front of people in front of the net. I could get used to this...

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  1. 1) The terms 'smart' and 'hockey expert' are usually mutually exclusive!; )