Keep on Believing

Well Avs fans, the campaign that we set forth on a few weeks ago started on rocky footing. Our candidate had a few gaffes that cost himself some serious numbers in the polls. The attack dogs in the press seized upon this early and have harped on it ever since.

But then Budaj found his game, as many of us believers knew he would. This lead to a dramatic increase in the polls. And like any good campaign It's time to push the story...

PETER BUDAJ is officially the second best player in the NHL last week

He was given the honor for his strong play in the Avs three wins over the surprisingly feisty Kings, the previously streaking Oilers and the previously undefeated Sabres. Folks, this is a goalie we can believe in, and I suggest you start showing your support even more. We've weathered the storm, and come out stronger on the other side. And even though the pessimistic naysayers over at Anti-Budaj central have been reluctant to give Buds his due, many of the Avs faithful kept the faith, didn't panic and knew that Budaj would pull through. (UPDATE: Other members of the Avs underground, such as Mile High Hockey, are still strongly displaying their continuous support of Peter Budaj.)

Still some believers have not been sold. And even though Budaj has silenced them with his play of late, they continue to brush off his good play as luck, and continue to blame every single goal against on the nebulous concept of goaltender positioning which, like the economy, every one is an expert in... except the actual elitist experts. The best way to shut them up is for our candidate, Peter Budaj, to go out and play the way we all know he is capable of playing...

And I believe he will.

Note: Believe it or not, I was going to let Budaj's strong play of late slide a little. I wasn't going to say too much about it. This is mostly because I think it would be hypocritical of me to say "a few games do not define a goaltenders ability. Goalies have natural down and up games and making any judgment on such a small sample size would be foolish," as I was saying after Budaj struggled the first few games, and then come out and declare Buds awesome after a few strong games. so I wasn't going to say anything until a few more strong games by our heroic candidate...

..But you can't really expect me to let this slide right?

Hat Tip: Shane at Avs talk


  1. If he beats San Jose on the second (not an Avs win - he needs to actually play well and do everything that he can to ensure a victory) then I'll officially jump on this campaign

  2. you're immune because you haven't been an unabashed Budaj hater.. just skeptical