Peter McNab gives out gold stars.

addendum Apparently I was mistaken as to who was talking when they said who picked the three stars. It was Mike Haynes, not Peter McNab who actually picked the stars, as pointed out by Tele-mon below. For having the audacity to actually call me out on a factual error I won't promote his once posted on blog. (hah take that!). Whatever... it's Friday, and Peter McNab is still allowed to coach my eventual kids.

If Peter McNab ever decides to retire from broadcasting to do more work in the community I'm going to beg him to either coach one of my (future) kids youth sports team, or be a kindergarten teacher. If there's one guy in the world who can instill confidence in just about anyone, It's Peter McNab.

Everyone is well aware of his tendency to not say anything critical of anyone ever in his broadcasts. I've heard people call him a "Homer" but, as I've said before, he's rarely critical of anyone on any team.

But last night he did something that can only be described as a remarkable act of confidence building. Peter Budaj has been maligned by fans and the media since the beginning of the season, yet last night he had a strong game. McNab chose him as the number 2 star last night. The third star, chosen by him, was Ben Guite a healthy scratch for the last 3 games after his 2 assist +2 performance last night. Don't get me wrong both players unequivocally deserved their stars, but for McNab to select the two guys who have the most reason to have confidence issues at the moment, over other guys who could have had a star (Wolski, Sakic, Stastny), can be seen as a confidence boosting strategy. It probably wasn't even on purpose, he was probably just rewarding players who have had a bit of a rough patch lately.

This subtle, and effective, tactic of instilling confidence leads me to believe that he would be fantastic at handling the frail confidence of young kids. Oh and I also know he handle the inevitable annoying parent that would show up too:

On a somewhat related note, shame on the handful of fans at the game who actually boo'd Peter Budaj when he came out for his second star announcement (Were they actually saying "BOOOOOOOOOODS"? I don't think so). I know many don't feel he's a number 1 goalie, but booing him on a night when he played well is being pathetic. If he plays poor, boo all you want. When he plays well either shut-up or cheer him. Booing a good performance is not only ridiculous, but it just reinforces the belief of many that there's nothing any goalie can do to get out of the shadow of St. Patrick.

addendum: If the people were indeed saying "Booooooourns" it is excused... to anyone who was actually boooing, the above paragraph stands.


  1. I was there. Peeps were yellin' Boods, not boo. They do sound a lot alike though.

  2. Well that's good to know. With the majority being cheers, it sounded a lot like a vocal minority was booing.

  3. Sounds good, but Mike Haynes picked the three stars, not Peter McNabb. I knew it was him when he says to Peter (who was down on the ice, not in the booth) something like "stay tuned for the three stars announcement, which I know will be excellent selections tonight..." He said the same thing last year before another of his selections. From the Game Summary: 3 STARS Picked By: MIKE HAYNES - ALTITUDE TV (

  4. @tele-mon:

    Damnit, i was afraid of that. I swore that McNab was talking at the time, but admittedly i had a few beers at that point.

    *sigh* Should have done some extra research

  5. I have a blog? Oh Sh!t, I forgot about that. D'Oh! I better get started!