For all those out there bashing Budaj as "not ready to lead" here's some goalies that gave up 4+ goals last night (which was opening night for most teams playing):

Vokoun - 5 (23 shots)
Cam Ward - 4 (33 shots)
Huet - 4 (29 shots)
Turco - 5 (27 shots)
Leclaire - 4 (31 shots)
D. Ellis - 4 (22 shots).
Lehtonen - 4 (43 shots)

And the worst performance of the night belongs to a goalie who was so bad he got pulled. That goalie was none other than...you guessed it:

Jose Theodore - 4 (17 shots)

Here's what one of the most astute bloggers on the internet, Caps Blogger Japers Rink, had to say about Jose's performance last night (with a Jibblescribbits approved heavy dose of sarcasm):

Jose Theodore can "only" be blamed for two, maybe three of the goals he allowed (the first wasn't his fault and the third deflected off the defenseman's stick), but he looked shaky (is "reboundy" a word?) all night. Well, until he was yanked, that is - he looked calm and under control on the bench.

The point being... let's hold off on the torches and pitchforks for Budaj just yet huh?

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  1. Best post I have read all day. I really don't understand why everyone is so worried after two games. Sure he hasn't looked great, but it hasn't been horrible.