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Update Didn't take long to prove me completely wrong. Brian Willsie has been sent to Lake Erie... opening the door for either TJ Hensik, Cody McCormick or Cody McLeod. I think this means McLeod gets the nod, with Hensik still going to LE.

Update 2 And this entire post becomes moot... Ledin and Hensik have been sent down as well. McCormick and McLeod surprisingly avoid Cleveland, along with Davey Jones.

As I have said before, I don't put too much stock in the preseason or their games. It's nice to see Davey Jones and Budaj (and Brian Willsie for that matter) playing well, but really every player gets hot and it's possible that one of these players got hot at this time. Law of statistics and everything.

With Kyle Cumisky getting sent down yesterday, the Avs have their 7 defensemen, and 2 goalies pretty much set in stone (And with the way Raycroft has played this preseason that may be literal)
the remaining battles comes down to the forwards. Let's look at who's should, and will, be sent down.

Mortal Locks: Stastny, Sakic, Wolski, Tucker, Smyth, Svats Machine, Lappy, Hejduk.

Not going to spend too much time on these guys, as there is no reason to see any of them missing the roster.

More than likely Tyler Arnason, Ben Guite, Peter Ledin

Both these guys I would put at a greater than 90% chance of making the team, for better (Guite) or worse (you know who)

So the Avs forwards fighting for a roster spot are: TJ Hensik, Cody McCormick, Cody McLeod, Brian Willisie, David Jones, Scott Parker. Three of these guys will not be on the Avs roster on Thursday.

What I want One place (the only?) where the preseason is useful is in evaluating the players attempting to make the team. By this standard alone, Brian Willsie and David Jones deserve to make the tea. they have both played extremely well in the preseason. People are going to be surprised by this, a little, but I don't want Arnason sent down just yet. Maybe DD's glowing, warm, lukewarm non-hate filled endorsement got to me but, as much as I hate to say it, he has had good moments with the team and deserves a chance based on that alone. (GEO over at Avslova disagrees obviously) Yes he was awful in the preseason, and he was beyond awful at the end of last season (in the last 1/4 of the season he had 3 points), however lost in his horrendous end was his admirable play in December when he centered the top line with Svats Machine and Wolski. That line carried the team for a month or more and he was a big part of that. That being said he's on thin ice and any more crapfests and he deserves a one-way ticket to Lake Erie. So with Arnason staying I'd keep Scott Parker on the roster (seriously) and send McCormick, Hensik and McLeod down... for now. The only reason I'd send them down is because they are young and sitting in the luxury box doesn't do them any good. With Hensik on speed-dial in case Arnason decides he doesn't want to play.

What will happen Actually I think what I want will happen, other than I think Arnason will have more job security than he deserves. The team will keep Scott Parker, because he can still swing those fists, and send down the youngsters for a little more seasoning.

That being said, here's how I see opening night:

Svats Machine-Arnason-Jones



With Tjarnqvist, Willsie, and Parker watching from the luxury box.

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