Former Avs in the KHL

Puck Daddy, asks us to choose our KHL allegiances today, And for those uncouth Avs fans who know nothing of Russian Politics, Geography or anything I thought I might throw out the names of the former Avs players that are playing in the KHL and let the fans choose on their own, and reveal who my new favorite team is.. and by favorite, I mean team I will not watch a game of until the KHL is merged into the NHL in 15 years. The New York Times, via Puck Daddy, has the full preview.

SKA St. Petersburg Darius Kasparitis (yeah he's still active)
HK MVD Balashikha Former Avs Forward Defenseman and first round pick Jeff Jillson
Traktor Chelyabinsk F Andrei Nikolishin - best known for possibly keeping Todd Bertuzzi from adding a manslaughter charge. A certain Vancouver columnist probably feels Moore's injury was all Nikolishin's fault.
Spartak Moscow F Branko Radivojevic Not a former Av, but the guy was awfully nice to Tapeleg over at Jersey's and Hockey Love. Plus he jinxed the Wild last season by letting Tape into the locker room.. we know how that turned out for the Wild. Then he bolted for Russia.. So he's ok in my book.
Vityaz Chekhov F Chris Simon. Guy won a Cup with the Avs in '96, which obviously made him go crazy. Pioneer of the "skate stomp" and "lumberjack" techniques. In defense of Simon... It was Jarkko Ruutu and Ryan Hollweg.
HC Dinamo Minsk Bryan Muir Who Avs fans know as "That guy no one recognizes from all the '01 cup celebration footage" (You can see him at the 2:59 mark.) and if anyone thinks this was just an excuse to link to this video and watch it again, you read this blog too much. Also on Dinamo Minsk is Mark Rycroft whom Avs fans might actually remember.

I'm sure Jori can correct or add to this list if I missed any former Avs recruits (If she even cares).

The pick: With former Avs forward Nikolishin and the goofy jerseys, plus the incredibly amusing name, Traktor Chelyabinsk, is the team to not pay a bit of attention to.

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