Dos and Don'ts of the preseason

Everyone knows that preseason wins and losses don't matter too much, so if you are going to pay attention to training camp there's some things worth paying attention to. Personally I don't pay attention to too much, mainly because I live 1200 miles away, and don't care for preseason games. They are necessary for players and coaches, but as a fan there's not much there for me.

However some people like training camp and watching preseason. But some people focus on the wrong things at training camp. It's best to remember that preseason games are not indicitive of regular games, and that one should look for more subtle signs in training camp. Here's what to look for:

Do: Watch the young players trying to make the team. They are giving maximum effort trying to make it to the big leagues, and this is the best chance to see the future of the Avs unless you live in the Cleveland area.

Don't: Pay too much attention to established players. Sakic, Hejduk, Smyth, Stastny, Foote are all there to get their legs back, refine their shape, and get into the swing of things.

Do: Look for the new coaching philosophies instilled into the team. The Avs plan to run a new up-tempo offense. This is where you can see this take shape and watch when the coaches instruct when their players make mistakes.

Don't Dwell on those mistakes. Mistakes will happen when establishing a new offense. this is the time to work those out, so it shouldn't be a negative at this point.

Do Watch individual players play. Look for nice passes, or great moves, or solid positioning

Don't try to analyze team play. Not only is this the time for teams to gel, but it's time for them to experiment too. They will be riskier now than they would in the season for a multitude of reasons.

Do Have unbridled optimism. That's what training camp is for.

Don't be pessimistic. Even Tyler Arnason deserves some love until about game 10. (there's 2 games against the Oil in that time frame, so he'll probably even look decent at game 10.)

Do Look for the goalie of the future.

For the love of god Don't put any stock in poor Budaj performances. Let's wait until the reg. season to fret over those.

Do Make fun of people for completely overreacting to a mid-September scrimmage.

(Both Shane and Joe had heavy doses of well placed sarcasm in their posts linked to above. This is always a Do).

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