This has nothing to do with Hockey, but it may be the funniest thing I've seen in a long time, so I have to post it here. Big h/t to the Fail Blog

As a resident of Northern California, I can verify this ladies claim. I often see miniature rainbows when turning on the sprinklers. Damn Government.


  1. That. was. awesome.

    The 90 degree tilt towards the end really drove the point home for me.

    Rise up! Before your constitution isn't even worth the paper it's printed on!

    Friggin' rainbows.

  2. Every time I watch it, something new makes it even funnier. At first it was the 90º tilt at the end. The the "predomonotly" then the "They are taking away our Constituional Rights".

    That or "What's up with the Oxygen supply, there's something in he ground".

    I could watch it 100 times and it won't get old.

  3. 1) We don't feel so alone now. For the longest time we thought we were the only ones who saw this. Can also say we saw a HUGE rainbow coming out of Niagara falls. It must be spreading!! More Bush-Cheney Haliburton illegal shenanigans no doubt!

  4. Verily, I fear for the children most of all...

  5. wow and here I was thinking a rainbow was caused by light refracting through water. I guess I was also wrong in my thoughts that seeing a rainbow that low would mean that we have a GREAT water quality and GREAT air quality in order for the light to be able to refract at such a low level.

    Oh how silly I have been.

  6. 1) Azazeal: That 'light refraction' story is just what "The Man' wants us to believe!

  7. Oregon must be really fucked then. It's the land of rainbows when the sun comes out enough to make them.