XX - Marks the spot

This is an actual conversation between me and the Jibblewife a few weeks ago:
phone rings
Jibblewife: Hey Sweetie
JS Hey what's up?
J-W What's wrong?
JS Nothing
J-W Are you sure?
JS Yeah nothing's wrong
J-W Well why are you like that
JS I'm just a bit tired I guess.
J-W Oh.
JS So... What's up?
J-W What's bothering you?
JS sarcastically: You asking me what's wrong *ha ha*..so what did you want?
J-W irritated: I'm not going to talk to you if you're going to be like this
It takes a special kind of crazy to be a woman. I'm sure every man whose been in a relationship with a woman has had a similar kind of conversation, that left you thinking "What the hell just happened?".

The jury is still out on Women being able to prove their sanity, but one place they have proved themselves over and over again is in the facets of being hockey fans and bloggers (segway!). Some of the many examples of extremely good hockey fans/bloggers include (but are certainly not limited too), Alanah at Canucks and Beyond, Bethany over at Bethany's Hockey Rants, Jori at Avs Prospects, all the ladies at HLOG and countless others have shown that women puck fans aren't limited to puck bunnies. In fact I would say that hockey has the most sophisticated set of womens fans of all major sports. (Side note: Alanah and Bethany, while talented hockey bloggers, aren't doing women any favors in trying to prove women's sanity)

While I'm sure my savvy audience (and by savvy I mean extremely small) wouldn't partake in such insulting behavior it's still disappointing that talented women hockey bloggers, people I consider colleagues, even have to write posts like this and this. Even more disappointing than the fact that these ladies even have to address it, is the fact that they have to deal with the comments that incited their anger, like some of the comments in this piece where our friend Wyshynski made the, apparently, egregious mistake of letting a female make a counterpoint to a point he had made a few days earlier.

These kind of comments aren't just degrading to women, they are degrading to all hockey fans. We hockey fans like to think we're a savvy and intelligent bunch, but when some fans only rebuttal to an argument made by a double-xx chromosomer is to dismiss it because of her gender makes all hockey fans look like idiots. As a male commenter who abhors such behavior I usually don't know what to say. I usually just ignore it, and think everyone should, but it is obviously (and justifiably) infuriating to the crazier fairer sex. They really have no place in a rational discussion, but yet they still appear (the comments don't, the women do).

I guess this is just one long gratuitous post of: I support the women hockey bloggers, not because they are women but because they are writing some great hockey blogs.

Addendum: *Sigh* apparently the ladies at HLOG have had to go through this crap too. It's seriously depressing to think that most of the people being blatantly sexist have just as much say in who is going to win the presidency (even more if they are in a swing state) as an educated non-sexist like myself, or any of the fine reasonable people out there.


  1. Ahw, thanks for the love! I appreciate it. We all appreciate it, actually.

  2. great job, jibbs.

    also, I like boobs.

  3. @Wrap Around Curl:

    What can i say... i know how to keep the ladies happy


    Boobies are awesome.

  4. It takes a special kind of crazy to be a woman.

    As a woman...I actually can't argue with this.

    And thanks for the love and support jibbs. You give me hope in mankind, yet.

  5. I attack French-Canadien Hab fans.
    You dig (but then defend) women hockey bloggers.

    I love the off season, Jibbs.


    Happy Wife = Happy Life


  6. Hey, thanks for the love!! Jibblewife stole one of my classic moves that I pull with my man friend.

  7. 1) Never met a woman who wasn't at least partially insane. ; ) Its part of the makeup of the female species. The faster a man realizes this the better life becomes. LOL That's not a swipe, just an observation made from years of experience.
    2) The joke of life is that: Women are looking for that one man to fulfill their every want and need, while men are looking for every women to fulfil their ONE want and need