A nice summer distraction.

God is it October 8th yet? I'm not a baseball fan, and I don't care what anyone says preseason football is not exciting. At all. So the month of August is a barren landscape for this sports fan. You do whatever you can to get to NFL opening day, which can at least fill in until the Avs open the season a month later, especially in August.

This is probably the reason I am (and always have been) an Olympic junkie.

So for those of you who are starting to go crazy with the lack of hockey (And I'm talking to everyone whose written an OMG Sundini played golf with Forsberg, they're both coming back article) here's some suggested distractions to keep you from descending further into the madness.

Water Polo: Water polo players are better pure athletes than anyone in the world, including hockey players. It is slower than hockey, and there isn't as much fast paced action, but watch a guy get mauled and then rise up 3feet out of the water and rocket a shot and then remember that they are doing all of this without touching the bottom of the pool. Then go to your local pool and try treading water for 3 minutes. You'll get an appreciation for how good these athletes are... if only they could wear trunks instead of speedo's.

Swimming: Michael Phelps quest to be the greatest Olympian of all time is pretty fascinating stuff. And his combination of strokes makes it pretty impressive. Remember he's doing all this against a tougher field than Spitz had to contend with in '76.

Beach Volleyball:
To be fair, I just like the sport and watch the Men's as well.

Track and Field: Nothing will beat the Athens Olympics when they did Shot Put in the ancient Greek venue's, but there's always so much going on at the track that it gets exciting. I prefer the events I ran in High School... the 400m and 800m.

So hopefully we can all keep ourselves occupied and by the time the Olympics are over we'll be 2 weeks closer to the beginning of the season.


  1. My favorite events so far have been women's weightlifting (the tiny little 100-pound girls that make my gym efforts seem pathetic), swimming and men's gymnastics because I'm a closet homosexual.

    Not that there's anything wrong with that.

  2. Gotta love volleyball. And it's just all the better that they play in those tiny uniforms. And don't even get me started on what the women wear.

  3. I love beach volleyball as a sport, but the spectacle that is Misty's backside is something these eyes can never get enough of.

    Fencing was pretty cool to watch, but more fun to actually DO.

    Women's gymnastics is high comedy. The little congrats after every attempt are so fake, and the US women's coach is the WORST eastern European actor since Arnold. You can see her biting here tongue and stopping herself from slapping those girls across the face. It's sooooo Mean Girls...

  4. The little congrats after every attempt are so fake, and the US women's coach is the WORST eastern European actor since Arnold.

    That's my governor!

    I love the beach volleyball, but the unis make it that much better. I haven't caught any of the weightlifting yet, but I can do other things if I want to feel insecure about my masculinity.

  5. I just saw a video of one of the male weightlifters blowing his elbow during a lift. Uggg.

    Now back to Misty's rear...