More good news for the Avs (sarcasm!)

Should we just pack in the season now? The Avs '08-'09 season is looking very bleak after reports that Milan Hejduk is going to retire after his contract with the Avs runs out after the '09-'10 season. That made me sad, but then I remembered that I'd get two more full seasons of the Duke at 100% and that by then he'd be well on the downside of his career, and that he'd be bowing out at a time he thought appropriate.

Then Jez Golbez at the NHL Fanhouse got a better translation of his interview and any optimism vanished. Hejduk will be playing at "80% mobility" the next two seasons and his knee mobility is so bad that he has been kept out of international competitions and has had trouble playing tennis. Oh and he hasn't skated all summer.

While the Duke at 80% is still better than most NHL forwards, it really limits the effectiveness of this team next season, and is looking more and more like it's another quick rebuilding year for the Avs.

If Avs fans want a silver lining, and at this point anything will do, they shoud look apost below the Hejduk one. At the end of next season the Avs will have a boatload of cap room (well they do this summer too). Sure they have the Stastny extension, and a Guite re-signing. But they could make a gigantic play to try and sign a disgruntled Marion Gaborik away from the division rival Wild? (This is all speculation mind you)

Lost in all of this is that Milan Hejduk is going to labor on and honor his contract while he could (and some might say should) try and get knee surgery to repair his knee. While it may not be the best decision for him it's an incredibly bold and loyal thing to do. Let's enjoy these last two years

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