The DNC in Denver

I'm not really keen with mixing politics and hockey. But this week the DNC invades the Holy Can™ so it seems inevitable that the two topics will come up... so I'll add to that and dedicate the week to Fightin' Asses (seriously their mascot is a Donkey).

So here's how I'd like to see politics and Hockey merge this week:

Clinton Vs Obama Hockey Fight Seriously let's stop all the political bickering and just have Hillary and Obama send in their biggest heavyweight. A virtual Clinton-Boogard vs Obama-Parros glove dropping extravaganza.

Protests Hockey can learn a thing about politics, and democrats, this week and that's protesting. I suggest Avs fans organizing a protest outside the Pepsi center this week. Besides what would be more fun, an ill-advised anti-war protest (against the candidate that voted against the war no less) or a sign that says:
Send the Arny to Iraq!
Avs fans, you know where to go.(I kid I kid)

Winter Classic: Schedule the next convention (in 2012) for Chicago in January... at Wrigley Field. (Don't worry about the cold.. it'll weed out the weak ones)

Penalty Box Make a Gaffe, sit out 1/30th of the campaign

Elections by the People Buy an NHL ticket, vote for NHL commissioner. (Hint, Betteman wouldn't win..not enough hope)

Conventions Replace the All-star game with an Eastern and Western Conference convention. The Eastern Conference would obviously be akin to the Democrats (you know thinking they have a chance only to go on to be crushed in the finals.)

Don Cherry - Political Pundit Ok in the States he's more likely a conservative, but even FOX can't ignore the DNC so Cherry can be there...

Mullets Ask not what this blog can do for you... ask what you can do for this blog. (Here's a hint... Obama, Hillary & Bill, Biden, and Pelosi. Photoshop. Mullets... GO my loyal reader.)

Stanley Cup Obama should be presented with the Campbell Bowl when officially accepting his nomination. He should also refuse to touch it.

Playoff Beards Wouldn't everyone feel more comfortable voting for a candidate they knew could grow a beard (This is not a sexist jab at Hillary. I'm sure she could grow one better than Sidney Crosby's so she's eligible for my vote. {Also not a sexist jab at Hillary}).

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