Avs Logo Outdated?

That Greg Wyshynski thinks he's so very clever doesn't he... First he switches from the AOL Fanhouse to Yahoo! sports, and decides to change his image from the one of the homely hockey writer that worked his way up from his humble beginnings in New Jersey to an image that can best be described as the lovechild of the Fonz and Mike O'Malley sucking on Lewinski's cigar (topical!). Then, in a devious bit of trickery, knowing that at least two of the Avs' bloggers that would make a big deal out of something completely insignificant (it is the offseason) are either on full-blown vacation, or semi-vacation, he tries to throw in and uncalled for, and not to mention wrong, attack on the Avs logo. Not only does he make this attack, but he does so late on a Firday afternoon so that hopefully by Monday Morning his little jab will go unnoticed or forgotten. Luckily I am here to put him back in his place.

Just for clarification, let's take a look at the logo really quick:

Now here's what Wyshynski had to say:

I'm not sure how this plays with our friends in Denver, but isn't it time for a total uniform/logo revamp for the Colorado Avalanche? Take a look at the THN list and tell me that logo doesn't look like a popular brand from 20 years ago you see on the supermarket shelves and wonder, "They still make that?"

First, the Avs changed jersey's last season, they have the unipron. It sucks. We all know that, and everyone would be a lot better off if they actually changed back to the old style. Make fun of the uni all you want, it is lame (and generic).

However as far as sports logo's go, this one's an instant classic. It's completely iconic, it incorporates both the team name and the sports into it without looking tacky, and it manages to avoid a big complex mess of a design. Not only that, but this logo was developed in the mid-90s, when Gems such as the infamous Blues 3rd jerseys, the Kings Burger Kings Jerseys and the Mighty Ducks were making their appearances. If that was the style at the time, and unfortunately it was, then the fact that the Avs came out with anything resembling nice at all was a miracle.

But there's not a degree of difficulty, and yet the Avs logo still stacks up well. The unofficial authority on NHL logos, the good man/men/woman/women over at Icethetics actually have done quite a bit of work on ranking and comparing the Avs logo at their previous blog, NHL Tournament of logos.

And by their standards the Avs logo went head-to-head and beat these teams in their rankings:
Oilers, Kings, Canucks, Sharks, Coyotes, Ducks, Blackhawks, Blues, Wild, Red Wings Flames, and Stars.
They only lose to the Columbus Blue Jackets, which is fine with me. (personally I think the Blues have the best logo in Hockey).

But those are just the opinions of a small subset, in the larger tourney of logos the Avs beat the Wild, before bowing out to the Oilers in (I think) the elite 8.

But Wyshynski, the NJ Devils Fan, thinks the Avs logo is outdated. Maybe its something about letters that are also alluding to the logo that bothers him, oh wait:Hmm if any logo screamed "outdated" I think we know which one it would be...

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