Avs Defense

Last week when I went over the Avs free agency signings, I only briefly brushed over the Avs defense. Mainly because most of the Avs moves here were re-signs, not actual free agents. But to dismiss this isn't really fair to the organization, because this is the one area the Avs upgraded their team, and will be the strength of the team next season, so I'd like to do a quick recap.

The Avs only signed three players, but they got steals in Adam Foote, and JM-Liles. Both of them signed for under market value (even though there seems to be a huge discrepency in the fans I've seen. some think Liles was signed for too little, and some think he was over-paid. I thought he was signed for the right amount). Tjarnqvist will be the avs 7th or 8th defenseman, and is a depth signing more than anything. So the Avs defense will look like some combination these players, with this lineup being my best guess:

Foote- Hannan

Tjarnqvist - Cumisky.

While I am a little disappointed in the forwards, particularly down the middle, I can't be disappointed in the blueliners. That is as impressive a top 6 as there is in the league. The defense will be well-suited for any attacks that come the Avs way and should greatly help Budaj build his confidence back up in goal.

So in retrospect FG didn't do quite as bad in Free Agency as "I amy have thought. I still think he could have done more, however his work on the blueline, in re-signing Liles and Foote for below market value, is admirable.


  1. I agree that FG did a pretty good job strengthening the defense. I was disappointed to see that he didn't really add anyone that is known for being an offensive defender. Other than Clark, who really scores goals? I think they expect more from Liles, and hopefully he will produce this season, but that's about it.

  2. 1) Agree that the Av defense will probably not be their biggest issue come October. Budaj abd Raycroft will have to up their games if your team is to return to the post season.