Revel in the schadenfreude

Monday June 2nd 2008 will forever be remembered around these parts as the Day of Schadenfreude. If you are an Avs fan there are so many moments of schadenfreude to enjoy from last night that I don't know where to start.

Some people will bask in the glow of shame surrounding Nikolas Kronwall. The Red Wings defenseman, who has gained the reputation of a heavy hitter by cheating. Ok cheating is a rough word, but every big hit he has comes from leaving his feet. His own goal in the first period put Detroit in a 2-0 hole. Of course the own goal was a deflection off of a skate, and really an understandable play. On the schadenfreude scale it gets 2/5 Sykoras:

Some people (*cough* InYoFace *cough) will revel in the schadenfreude provided by shots of Dominik Hasek sitting on the bench as a backup for Chris Osgood. The site of Hasek on the bench has been particularly uplifting all playoffs, but in it felt even better in this game. The Epic-ness of the game, in length and stakes, and all the once great goalie could do was watch from the bench. Every time you saw him was like grabbing a new chocolate from the box, you just wanted to savor it and then lick your fingers to feel the residue. Still, as good as it's been, we've grown accustomed to seeing Hasek on the bench (and god does that feel fun to write). on the scale...2.5/5 Sykoras:

UPDATE: Apparently there were so many instances of schadenfreude last night that I completely forgot about one as Jibblescribbits regular commenter Dario pointed out in the comments---

Anyone new to the site knows I have defended Detroit for attendance woes in the past. I am sympathetic to their economic woes. I've also defended Detroit from those who have wanted to strip Detroit of the Hockeytown moniker. But last night was pathetic. For a team with so many Bandwagon fans (and trust me the Beige Wigns fans are like BoSox fans all over the country, without the ESPN acting as a fan club) who love to throw their tradition and excellence in everyones face, the Red Wings couldn't even fill every seat. To see this boastful, arrogant, franchise, with the overconfident, boisterous and frankly downright annoying fanbase not even sell out their own building for a Finals game well that's just ammo for years to come. And it provides a healthy dose of schadenfreude. To see what I'm talking about, this shiot was taken during the game*:Sykoras on the schadenfreude scale: 3

To break 3 Sykora's on the scale it has to be epic. Last night at Joe Louis the Wings fans were chanting "We want the Cup". It was an epic chant that drowned out the announcers and rocked everyone. For the first time this season you actually felt that Detroit was interested in the Wings. Lightning named Talbot struck and the Joe went from "Raucous" to stunned faster than any Red Wings fan jumped on the bandwagon. The Joe went silent. But they weren't done, and the wings played well enough in the OT to give the Joe new life. The Patron Saint of Detroit summed up Red Wings fans' thoughts well:
“This (is) when the memories are made,” the Kid said. Besides, he figured, “at least they didn’t shut off beer sales.”

Then Petr Sykora struck and the Joe went as dead as the Octopus they mercilessly slaughter to begin every game. It was stunning. It was epic. And It was Glorious. On the schadenfreude scale: 4.5/5 Sykoras:

But the Sweetest schadenfreude, for this guy, was reserved for someone who has nothing to do with the Red Wings organization (that we know of). One of my favorite moments of the game was one of those side moments that happens in games that break tension. Normally you have to be paying close attention to spot them. Early in the game (1st or 2nd period) On one of those "In between the glass" segments, or whatever they are called, Pierre McGuire of NBC was talking about how hurt and ineffective Petr Sykora was being. Petr Sykora was sitting on the end of the bench, next to Pierre McGuire and could hear every word McGuire was saying. McGuire then actually turned and looked at Sykora as he was talking about how hurt Sykora was. Sykora gave Pierre the good 'ol "F-U"glance through the glass. After Sykora called his fricking shot and then scored what can only be considered an instantly timeless goal Every hockey fan, even Red Wings fans, may have at least smiled a little over Pierre McGuire's, only the most hated national hockey announcer today, nationally televised evisceration at the hands of Petr Sykora. He probably wasn't that hurt, but you know what it was damn funny and a wonderful moment in schadenfreude, that earns a whopping 5 Sykora's:

Acknowledgments: Many thanks to Pensblog, the masters of the photoshop, for the Osgood and Kronwall pics.

*may not actually be during the game.


  1. How many Sykoras for all the empty seats at the Joe? It gives me a warm glow inside to vindicate the EmptyTown taunt. I mean, you get the chance to see your team skate around with the freeking Stanley Cup and the place looks like it's at 75 to 80% capacity.

  2. OOOOHHH in all the commotion i forgot about that one.

    Maybe I'll add an addendum when I get some work done.

  3. Although Hasek would have ruined the great game by flopping every 2.5 minutes in every OT to draw as many penalties as possible. Atleast Osgood stopped flopping, or realized he will never be as good at it as the master.


  4. Someone should let the FanHouse, Frei and Dater know that Denver is still a laze faire hockey market.

    1. Pittsburgh, 35.4/52
    2. Detroit, 29.6/46
    3. Buffalo, 10.2/17
    4. Denver, 7.2/12
    5. Minneapolis, 7.1/13
    6. St. Louis, 6.2/10
    T7. Philadelphia, 4.9/9
    T7. Nashville, 4.9/8
    9. Washington, D.C., 4.7/9
    10. Las Vegas, 4.4/7

    Only 12% of all TVs in Denver were watching the game. How could the Avs survive such a fickle hockey fan base?!

  5. Laze faire? It's 4th in the U.S., 2nd outside of markets with teams involved.

    Denver's newspapers actually coverred every game of the Stanley Cup Finals last year and this year without the home team participating. Something Detroit's papers cannot boast.

    I wish I could find TV ratings for the finals last year broken down by market to prove that Detroit stacks up just about as well, but alas, I can't find them, but here are the ratings from the Winter Classic outdoor game this last winter courtesy John Buccigross:

    1. Buffalo 38.2/58
    2. Pittsburgh 17.7/30
    3. Minneapolis 5.1/11
    4. Denver 3.7/7
    T5. Providence 3.5/7
    T5. Las Vegas 3.5/6
    7. St. Louis 3.3/5
    8. Boston 3.2/6
    9. Sacramento 2.9/6
    T10. Richmond 2.8/5
    T10. Hartford 2.8/5

    Hmm... where's Detroit? Oh yeah, Michigan was playing football, but really, you can't crack the top 10?