NHL Draft: Do Not Care

I know the draft in all sports is supposed to be a day of hope for the franchise, and a day of looking at what your team needs...but drafts, and especially the NHL draft, is incredibly boring, and I just can't get into it at all.

This isn't to diminish the importance of the draft at all, it's an extremely important event and franchises futures can be shaped by the picks they make (or avoid). But it's not terribly exciting or compelling, until a few years down the road.

First of all, It makes me incredibly uncomfortable whenever old middle-aged men drool over young athletically gifted boys. It's a little too Roman Bath House for me (but to each his own I guess).

Watching young people with all the potential and opportunity in the world walk across the stage, shake hands with some official, look at the camera's and be extremely happy and then walk off the stage isn't exactly riveting drama. If I wanted to watch a high school graduation I'd pop in the tape of my own graduation, at least I know those people. (FYI: Steve Jobs totally should have taken me in the first round, yet I dropped to the somewhere in the third round over concerns about my attitude. Apparently someone leaked drunken pictures of me onto the internet before graduation and it scared off some teams. Also my scouting report contained the word "Snarky", which is some sort of euphemism for "Uncooperative". In your face industry.) Have you ever been to a graduation? B-O-R-I-N-G.

Just like in college the only way to make it through the ceremony is to get extremely liquored up before hand like the good people in Columbus did last season, and that way you don't have to think about the fact you're actually cheering for, well, nothing. (To be fair, that's how the people in Columbus celebrate everything.) I am certain the same strategy will be in play in Ottawa this weekend.

The NFL draft's and NBA drafts are at least compelling because some of the players will actually have an impact on a team next season. In contrast most NHL draftees spend a few years in the minor leagues and approximately 1/3 of them will actually get to wear the unipron. Of that 1/3 some will be wearing a different teams unipron.

After the draft, I will look and see who the Avs took, read Jori's always astute analysis and then forget about that player until he at least makes his way to Lake Erie.

So to all those goign to the draft, heave fun. Me? I'll be doing anything else.


  1. Yeah, the draft is never too exciting, because it's always such a crap shoot. I hope that goalie that we got turns out to be good, I don't like our goalie situation at the moment...

  2. Good to know I'm not the only one who is incredibly bored watching the draft. I always skip it and do something more fun.

    Check back with me in five years to talk about how this year's draft went.

  3. It's kind of like golf, anything exciting that happened can be caught in the highlights