Free Agency last minute posts

Before free agency starts I had some last second thoughts I didn't want to get lost in the frenzy tomorrow:

*I am extremely disappointed that neither Finger or Sauer could be kept. It's one thing to lose a guy to free agency, but when it's a player that you've seen develop from a scared little kid into a grown man and very solid player basically told we don't need your services, it can be tough to take. I root for laundry, but when you follow a team as closely as I have been you follow players as well. Had Finger been resigned I probably would have bought a Finger Jersey. I understand the decision, on both sides parts, but I wish room could have been made for Finger or Sauer. (It sounds like FG and Finger's agent couldn't come to terms on a contract, which makes the sting a little less, but still bugs me. My second favorite team will be the one Finger's playing for next season*

*Francois Giguere is a big fat liar (and I mean that in the best way possible, his job is to out-maneuver other GM's). He has Dater, Sadowski and Kiszla convinced he is going to sit at his desk and play Solitaire tomorrow. BS and here's why:

If Sakic retires he says he's going to move Wolski to center, which may be a good idea anyways. I can buy that load, bu here's what I can't buy: Doing that would leave exactly 2 left wings on the roster. Sure a guy on the right could move to left, but seriously? He's signing someone tomorrow. It may not be Rolston or Hossa but the Avs have too much free agency money and enough questions on the 2nd and 3rd line to not make any move. I am standing by my prediction about Morrison and Hagman, with Valiquette as a backup. It just makes the Avs lineup better without hindering their future.

*offer not valid if said team is the Red Wings, Ducks, or Flames


  1. What's the over on how many times Eklund is completely wrong today? 25, 30 times?

  2. that's all... at least. Completely wrong or "There's a rumor the avs are going to buy the Russian super league (e1)" wrong?

  3. 1) Theodore gone and Raycroft in. You guys can't be happy today

  4. @Faux:

    I am withholding judgment until all FA's sign. There's a lot of potentially good players that could still help the Avs win...

    So far it hasn't gone as I'd like, but Morrison, Federov and PEca are all available still, and any of those three would be fill 2 of the biggest weaknesses on this club (face-offs and center)