Enjoy last night, Despite the winning team

It's a very bittersweet day for Avs fans, well at least for this one. On the good side the Stanley Cup Finals were one of the best series I can remember for a long time. On the Downside the Red Wings are the ones in possession of the cup until next year.

So here's some ways to celebrate a great hockey season and trying not to focus on the team that won. Here's some things I enjoyed:

*The Beige Wings: I'll say it now, if it weren't for the hiddeous Winged Wheel on the front the Red Wings play one hell of a beautiful game of hockey. In Soccer the Dutch's style of play is called "Total Football"because they just hold onto the ball until it forces the other team into a mistake. The Beige Wings play "total hockey"

*Game 5: Simply on of the best games of hockey I have ever seen. Epic.

* The Season: This was a great season for hockey, whether it's Ovechkin and Malkin's breakout season, the Western Conferences incredibly deep and competitive teams (Seriously Columbus finished second to last. Anyone who watched them knows they were severely improved), or the fact that teams have adjusted for the "trap" and have been able to get offense anyways. This was one fine season.

* Euro Captain wins: Nikolas Lidstrom was able to create a huge dent in the preposterous notion that a Euro captained team can't win the cup. And you'll have a hard time finding a player as classy and well-respected as Lidstrom (outside Sakic). Don Cherry tried (and turth be told probably succeeded) in keeping the debate alive by saying (paraphrase): The first Euro came over in '78 so it's been one captain in 30 years to win the cup. Of course the Euro's weren't regularly named captains of a team until after Mats Sundin was named captain.. in 1997. (Yes there were some scattered throughout the 80's and 90's, but nothing regularly until recently). So it's more like 10 seasons of regular euro captaincy.

I digress, hopefully this is the first step in ending that ridiculous debate.

Another great season in the books.. Free Agency begins soon.


  1. 1) We agree it was a very entertaining Fianls. Well, the last 4 games were. Games 1 and 2 were forgettable.
    2) The Wings outplayed the pens in every game, yet for some reason it took 6 games to win and Pitt almost tied it up in the waning seconds last night.
    3) If the Pens could have kept this group together (its unlikely in this salary caped NHL) we could see them back there and winning next spring. They still may, as we don't believe there will be a better team in the east even if Pitt loses Hossa and/or Orpik, etc.
    4) Did Cherry really say that? What a dick/sour grapes. Lidstrom is deserving of more than that. 4 Cups and (sson to have) 6 Norris trophies places him above all but maybe 2-3 defenders to ever play the position!

  2. And I won the pool! I thought Malkin was just going to sit around and lose it for me. I think a game 7 would have lost me the lead.

    I was really torn on the finals. I didn't want Detroit to win, but I definitely wanted Pittsburgh to lose. Oh well. At least the games were entertaining with (as you said) and epic game 5...

  3. @Chris... Yes more on that tomorrow. I'm not bitter at all.