Avs Free Agency part 1

Don't worry folks, I will have you're comprehensive "What the Avs should do tomorrow" post here by the end of the day. a post this important requires copious amounts of research.

Last year I did pretty well in predicting the Avs direction, and so far this season I have been pretty accurate again (other than the massive discount on Foote's contract). I had Liles contract about right, and I had the Avs resigning Theo unless he wanted too much money. From the little we've heard that's what it sounds like happened in those talks.

Quick hits on whom I think the Avs should target:

Depth (Finger would still be ideal)

Proven backup (Lalime maybe.. I have more research to do here)

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  1. I'd personally like to see Cole from Carolina given a look by management. I think his all-around game would mesh well with the Av's forwards.