A quick Apology

Last week after first learning of the Granato hiring, well initially I didn't take it so well. In my shock and anger I used profanity in the title of the post.

I later linked to Adrian Dater's blog post which also announced the news. As you can see in the comments When someone links to his blog it posts it in the comments (Both Mile High Hockey and Signal to Noise have the pingbacks in the comments.) I am guessing that a pingback for me was deleted due to the profanity in the title.

Even if it wasn't, other blog posts by other author's have pingbacks as well, and I don't want to be accidentally posting profanity on other people's site. So if my title caused profanity on your site I am sorry. I will no longer be profane in the title of my posts.

But don't worry loyal readers, I'll continue to be a badass motherfucker in the body of the work.


  1. ... my brother and "badass motherfucker"... I just don't know if I can correlate the two properly... Sorry :)