No More Q

According to Mirtle, via team release from the Avs, Joel Quenneville will not be the coach next season.

We've gone over this before, so I wish him the best and hope he lands on his feet somewhere. As commenter Faux Rumors pointed out, Florida is probably the best place for him to be a head coach.

This was for the best

Addendum: Terry Frei has a great take on the Q era in Colorado. Not to gloat but many of the things he cited in the article, the behind the net offense, the goaltender carousel, etc, were behind Q's departure. Notice these are all things us stupid bloggers with no credibility have been complaining about all fricking season.

(FYI sorry I've been taking a week or so off, just needed a battery recharge after a long season. Will be back Monday with more)


  1. Wow. I just wasted a lot of typing this morning ;)

  2. With Q gone, where will Tom Renney be come September?