Next Week

Ok, so everyone has noticed posts have been severely lacking here lately. Next week I will be back on track, as I have been extremely busy with some stuff.

In the meantime those of you who are in the playoff pool, you can view the standings here

Login: Jibblescribbits
Password: Avs2008

Here's your top 5 standings right now:

1. Structuralpoke: 135
2. Jibblescribbits: 130
3. Shane (Avs Talk): 129
4. Tikkanen's Chicken: 123
5. Mike@MHH: 117

If you're looking for trends, all 5 have Zetterberg and Either Malkin/Crosby


  1. I was feeling all high and mighty about the league, but Briere and Ribero are betraying me this round and my lead is melting away.

    - Chris (StructuralPoke)

  2. Yes i see that. I am closing in, but not quick enough.

  3. I'd be doing better except for the poison ivy. That's my excuse, and I'm sticking to it...

  4. so, it looks like it comes down to "can Crosby score 6 more points than Malkin in the finals...."