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I didn't get too many people with my April Fool's day joke yesterday however I was able to really fool one gullible Midwesterner so feel free to stop by her Wild blog and Mock her relentlessly today.

The Avs are in the playoffs, but their opponent remains to be seen. If I had to guess right now I'd think they will play the Sharks, which is bittersweet for me. I'd love to go to the games, but I think the Sharks are going to win the cup, match up well against the Avs and I would like to see the Avs move out of the first round. However the Avs still have a pretty reasonable shot of playing Minnesota and Calgary and have an outside shot of playing Detroit or Anaheim as well and could technically play the Stars too, but that's extremely unlikely.

Unfortunately all the Avs, and their fans, can do until the last day of the season, Sunday the 6th, is watch. So here's some games that I will be trying to check out for various reasons over the next 5 days or so (all times Mtn):

Weds April 2nd: Boston-@-New Jersey(5pm); TB-@-Carolina(5pm)
everyone is rooting for Ovechkin, his Russian Internet bride, and the Capitals to make the playoffs. If you are too (and you should because it would be good for hockey iin all honesty) these two games directly relate to those chances. It's also a rare chance to take in some Eastern conference hockey as no Western conference critical games are being played tonight

Thurs April 3rd: St. Louis-@-Nashville(6pm); Calgary-@-Minnesota(6pm); Dallas-@-Phoenix(8pm); Quite possibly the biggest night of the season in Avs hockey not directly involving the Avs. A Nashville loss of any sort will guarantee the Avs don't face the #1 seed (most likely Detroit). A Dallas loss gives the Avs a much better chance of facing a beatable Ducks team in the first round. But the must See is Calgary-Wild. What do the Avs root for here. A Wild Loss (in regulation) still gives the Avs a shot at the #3 seed. A Calgary loss (of any kind) monumentally increases the Avs chances of getting the important #6 seed, more so than a Wild loss does. So what's an Avs fan to choose? Ideally a Calgary win (in Reg) then later a Calgary Loss and an avs win in regulation and an Avs-Flames first round matchup, but is that such an unlikely scenario that it won't happen? Who knows. I don't know who to root for yet, but I'll be watching for sure.

Fri April 4th: Florida-@-Carolina(5pm); Boston-@-Ottawa(5pm); NJ-@-Philly (5pm); Phoenix-@-Dallas (6:30pm): Another mainly Eastern Conference night as the the current #5-#8 seeds all play, as well as the in-danger #3. If Dallas loses both ends of the back to back vs the Coyotes the Avs are in great shape too. Go Bryzgolav.

Sat April 5th: Florida-@-Washington (5pm); Calgary-@-Vancouver (8pm) Go 'Nucks (god that feels awful). No matter what the Avs want Calgary to lose here. It will probably be a do-or-die game for the Canucks as well as they try to become first round Red Wing fodder beat out Nashville for the last playoff spot. For an appetizer take up the Panthers-Caps game in Washington's regular season finale. Unless things go horribly wrong for the Caps, they should still be in the hunt at this point.

Sun April 6th: Min-@-Col (1pm) Obvious, but if things go right you may want to keep an eye on the Sharks-Stars game which will be going on at the same time.

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