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Minnesota Fact of the Day: Mosquitos are officially declared a public nuisance.

Really there's not much more to say until the game tonight. I could talk about the Wild player, and Wild reporters, incessant whining about everything:
Arnason threw an elbow!,
Lappy hit Gaborik (with gloves on after Gaborik threw the first punch) in the last game of the season but won't fight a guy 2x his size.
McLeod Is a BIG MEANIE!!!!

But Joe, DD, and Shane have all more than adequately covered the ridiculousness of these (over-the-top absurd) arguments quite well.

I do want to say Kudos to the Minnesota bloggers for their rational and low key take on the whole thing. The general attitude on the Wild blogs I have looked at is: The Wild embarrassed themselves with their play and conduct, let's move on to game 5. So take solace in the fact that it's only the Wild players, Columnists/reports, and of course newspaper commenters who are big whiny babies (but this is true for all newspaper commenters, not just the Wild ones).
Wild Puck Banter, Deuce by definition, Wild View from section 216, and 18,568 reasons why all had reasonable reactions to Game 4. It's just another reason I check the blogs a lot more than the newspapers for opinions.

Game 5 is tonight, and hopefully it's not as out of control as the last game. Hopefully the score repeats itself, in the Avs favor again.

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  1. Yes, I was tossing around another blogger v msm article in my own head but never got around to it. I'm glad you were able to.

    I think it's absolutely true that bloggers for both teams have been, overall, far more unbiased in their coverage of the series than the "real" media people have been. Aren't we the ones who are supposed to be reckless and provocative?