Who to cheer for , Western conference edition

First we'll start off with your Minnesota fact of the Day: The original name of St. Paul, Minnesota was Pig's Eye.

So last season, when the Avs were not in the playoffs, and So i had to come up with a rooting interest by examining the teams. This season is obviously different, with the avs in, but I can always prefer one team to win over another so I wanted to take a look at the series in order to decide who to quietly root for while watching the teams.

#1 Detroit vs #8 Nashville:
This one is pretty easy. Even though the Red Wings are way less hate-able today than they were 10 years ago (yes the peak of the Blood Feud was 10 years ago, feel old now?) they are still pretty hate-able. Morso though this year's Nashville team is pretty likable. They were gutted in the offseason for ownership issues but have managed to survive and make the playoffs. Almost a real life Major League. Also if the Preds win the Avs will stave off the sharks in Round #2 if they make it past the Wild.
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#2 San Jose vs #7 Calgary: Another very easy one to choose. San Jose has Joe Thornton, as humble a superstar as there is. Captain Patrick Marleau overcame a pitiful first half to have a decent season. Jeremy Roenick, like him or hate him, is still entertaining and had a respectable season. They also have Sandis Ozolinch, a guy who nearly threw it all away and overcame some personal demons to be back in the NHL. On the other hand there's the Flames. I am a huge Iginla fan, but Mike Keenan and Dion Phaneuf are enough to make any team pretty despicable. (Personally I like having hockey be a big topic around the water cooler, and since I live in San Jose, it makes rooting for the Sharks easier). To me this one is easy...root for the Sharks.
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#4 Anaheim vs #5 Dallas:
The Ducks are, quite frankly, the easiest team to hate in the NHL right now. I'll let Greg Wyshanski, from Deadspin, sum it up:
Selanne and Scott Niedermayer are lazy veterans whose procrastination and eventual success may lead to a rewriting of the NHL rulebook; the Ducks are viewed as a collection of physical brutes, led by perhaps the most talented thug this side of Tupac in Chris Pronger; heck, even Parros's mustache doesn't turn the key anymore.
. Brad May, Chris Pronger, Todd Bertuzzi. Add in the most loathesome general manager in sports today (outside Isaiah Thomas I guess) in one Brian Burke and honestly, I can't think of a team I would not cheer for against the Ducks. (I don't really like the stars either, but the Ducks leave me no choice)
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  1. Well this is all well and good but who do we cheer for in the Avalanche-Wild series?

    Ok, ok. But I agree on all counts. I'll always silently root for the Sharks hoping they win the Cup - unless they play the Avs - so I can go back home and see the Cup when Patty takes it back to Aneroid.

    And no way in hell would I ever cheer for the Wings or Ducks.

  2. I have to agree with Greg Wyshanski, from Deadspin . His comments could not be even more on target .
    Thanks for putting my site on your blogs to watch .

  3. What they said. If the Ducks and Beige Wings met up in a later round, I'd honestly hope that the practice facility collapses and they are trapped under all the rubble until the playoffs are over.