West coming into focus

For the first time this season the results of the games actually separated some of the west teams, instead of making races tighter. Dallas won meaning a Stars-Ducks battle is likely inevitable, Calgary lost to Minnesota pretty much securing the Avs-Wild series , Nashville won and Vancouver lost, Detroit clinched the president's trophy. The top 4 seeds are set and the bottom four are likely set, even though it's possible for a few teams to switch around.

Because Calgary screwed the pooch last night The Avs are likely to face the Wild, meaning we have to sit through boring trap hockey for the next 5-9 games at the very least, and meaning that the Avs-Wild could end up facing each other a whopping 15 times this season. Maybe some Avs players should just get a condo in St. Paul, real estate is cheap right now.

Hopefully not a sign of things to come, but if anyone watched the 3rd period of Vancouver getting eliminated last night; they have every right o be seriously upset with the officials in the thirdd period. I realize they had an 8-2 PP advantage in the game (yet only scored 1 goal, obviously the Avs have rubbed off on them), but there were at least 3 obvious penalties in the last 5 minutes the refs didn't call on the Oil. Then the Canucks got called on 2 pretty ticky-tac penalties in the last 2 minutes. I don't think the Canucks deserve a playoff birth anyways, but the officiating at the end of that game was downright awful.


  1. 1) Was very surprised how the Canucks lost it down the stertch. Sure they have injuries(No Av's fan will allow them that excuse we're sure LOL), but with the schedule they had we expected them to pull it out
    2) Was the whole Luongo/pregnancy thing that much of a distraction? He wasn't his usual self the past few weeks for sure

  2. Who officiated the Nucks game?

  3. Not sure Draken, i should look it up

  4. @faux:

    I was kind of surprised, but on the other hand, they just aren't a very good team. Put and Average goalie in instead of Luongo and they become the Coyotes pre-Bryzgolav

  5. The Sens were the team I was surprised to see crash and burn, though in my eyes they don't really have any goaltending.

    A Wild/Avs series should be a good one.

  6. Jibbles, few things, are you on twitter? And, how ready are you for playoffs? And, that was it.

  7. Bethany

    This isn't sarcastic, but what's twitter?

    And I am very ready for the playoffs, the next two days of blogs are going towards it