Jibble_cribbits 2nd annual playoff pool

That's right, there will be a second annual playoff pool sponsored by none other than... me. Sign Up here

Announcement: Boomer Gordan, and Wall St and Stastny have a problem with their rosters, please fix them before gametime tonight.

This blog post is the official rules, where I tell you how to sign-up, the rules and the Prizes (i.e. I don't have much to give anyways so there might just be bragging rights)

BecauseThe interface is a bit clunky i couldn't set it up the exact way I wanted to. It is important that you read the rules below before signing up.

Sign Up: Sign up is a bit tricky so I'll walk though it:
Go here (www.Hockeydraft.ca)
In the top right corner in the first box type: Jibblescribbits
In the second box is the password. Type: Avs2008
Make sure the third box has selected: "Playoffs"

Once Logged in you will want to click on the "Entry Form" button on the toolbar.
Then select one player from each box, making sure to follow the below rules. There are sixteen "boxes" , one for each team.

Rules: Choose 1 player from each playoff team. Your team must also be made up of:

10 Forwards
4 Defense
2 Goalies

Notes a) Because the hosting site is limited, I can't set up the pool to get enforce this, I have to do i manually. Please make sure you select this makeup.
b) It's a good idea to use your goalie picks on teams you think will go deep, and use your defensemen picks on teams you think will be eliminated early. The reason for this will be spelled out in other rules.

Scoring: The scoring will be as follows:
1 point for a goal
1 point for an assist
1 point for a win
2 additional points for a Shutout (yes a shutout is worth 3)

Example: Here's an example roster

Patrice Brisbois- D (Mon)
Ty Conklin - G (PIT)
Matt Bradley - F (WSH)
Dainius Zubris - F (NJ)
Chris Drury - F (NYR)
Jim Dowd - F (PHI)
Dean McAmmond - F (OTT)
Glen Murray - F (BOS)
Dallas Drake - F (DET)
Sandis Ozolinsh- D (SJ)
Martin Skoula - D (MIN)
Brad May - F (ANH)
Steve Ott- F (DAL)
Jose Theodore- G (COL)
Stephane Yelle - F (CGY)
Greg De Vries - D (NSH)

16 players: 4D, 2G, 10F and all on a different team (FYI: Do not pick this roster, it is purposely not scoring goals). If you are not careful and select more forwards or goalies than allowed I'll have to disqualify you, so please double-check your rosters.

Let's have fun with this. I'll give a post to the winner, and if the winner doesn't want that, we can come up with something even if it's humiliating me in some way.


  1. I'll be filling mine out later today

  2. I'm in..thanks for setting this up..great blog also.

  3. A post to the winner? I might have to find time to fill this pool out.

  4. I'll play this year... I'm structuralpoke

  5. I'm down! I'll be filling mine out tonight.

  6. the winning entry has now been entered. or something.

  7. Don't say that... The jibblewife kicks my ass in all these events and just entered...

    Oh you meant you.

  8. I think something might be up with the scoring -- nobody got the extra 2 points for Nabokov's shutout last night...

  9. hey Jibble -- the playoff pool is looking for some $ for us to keep looking at it. I'd gladly PayPal you a couple of bucks for it. hit a reply here with an address or some way to get one from you and I'll hook you up...