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Headline at the Denver Post:

Foppa practices, but uncertain

Shocking I know. I was completely on-board for the signing of Peter Forsberg, but at this point is he becoming more of a distraction than he's worth? He has already paid dividends this season, as the Avs likely would have been a lower seed (and beaten in the first round) without him, and had they still gotten the 6-seed they likely would have lost to Minnesota without him, so to say he hasn't been worth it would be an error. However at what point do the coaches sit him and say "He's out for the next 2 games. He'll be back in Game 5". Forsberg must have gotten Hamlet's groin.

In other news it looks like Theo's going in net tonight. It would be highly hypocritical of me to say it should be Budaj when we've blasted Q for pulling a slow goalie all season, however this is the playoffs and we can't be patient when allowing a goalie to work through his struggles. Basically I think Theo should start but if he looks off, for whatever reason, he should get a quick hook if he struggles. The team appears to have lost confidence in him, which may be due to sickness or something else but he's been good enough, for long enough, recently to believe it was nothing more than a couple sick-induced bad games (of which he shouldn't have been playing because he was sick).

Addendum If you want a good preview of the Game tonight, head over to the Red Wings blog : On the Wings. He's pretty much nailed it, again

Also I forgot to weigh in on McLeod throwing the Detroit Octopus into the stands. I guess it got lost behind the 5 goals they put up, including Franzen's hat trick. I loved it at the time, but crap like that means you have to back it up. Certainly going in and laying a giant egg as well as taking 2 really stupid penalties that negated any chance, however slim, of your team coming back is not exactly "let(ing) them know they were going to be in a battle." Let's knock off the shenanigans and focus on playing some defense buddy.

So the most important game of the Avs season is tonight and there are two major question marks overshadowing the game. Super

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