Hockey Day in N. America

Since there's not much to say as we wait for the Avs to find out their second round opponents, it's time to focus on the games at hand. Tonight is a special night for hockey fans as 2 game 7's are going on. While Monday's was kind of a dud I expect both games tonight to be fantastic, mainly because nearly every game in both series has been great.

Here's a look at what the blogs of these people are saying

Philly vs Wash.:
Lose and it's all over, as it would have been last night. And Saturday night before that. Lose and we'll celebrate a valiant effort and a hopeful outlook for next year. Lose and we regret nothing - because a team that scrapped it's way out of the league cellar, that clawed it's way into the playoffs, that fought it's way out of a 3-1 series to force Game 7, has certainly earned the right to have no regrets.

Win and we earn our first trip to the second round since 1998, come back from a 3-1 deficit against the Flyers for the second time in franchise history...and get the Penguins for the 48587th time. Woo.

But that's a concern for another day, if there is another day. For now we only focus on the game in front of us.

You are the ones that have to face each other in the locker room and most importantly in the mirror. When you wake up Wednesday morning After tomorrow’s game and look in the mirror, What do you want to see? Do you want to see the person that gave until they bled or the person that stopped caring and trying like tonight? You decide. You have one more shot to prove the whole world wrong about you being Bullies, thugs and ruffians. You have one last shot to show the world the fabulous team you are and the heights you can achieve.
Don’t waste it. Enact your vengence. Show us clean, simple, physical hockey.
CGY @ SJ :

It's Game 7, and really, what else is there that's left to say? I think every angle's already been covered. There's the good (Ryane Clowe, Patrick Marleau, Evgeni Nabokov), the bad (Brian Campbell, Milan Michalek), and the putrid (Game 6). In between, you've got hit-and-miss performances from Joe Thornton and Jonathan Cheechoo, as well as the entire Sharks defense.

The funny thing about Game 7s is that one team can completely dominate but a single bounce can do them in. You can look at percentages and trends and hot streaks and all that other stuff, but it really won't amount to much. Anyone remember Colorado and Patrick Roy imploding against Detroit a few years ago? (Ed note: no I blocked that out of my memory a while ago. Let us never speak of it again)

So where do we go from here? Logic tells me that based on the Sharks talent and their ability to bounce back from crap performances so far, they will win. Of course, the problem with this team is that they don't follow patterns and they aren't predictable. I think having Jeremy Roenick back in the lineup (Ron Wilson already said that he was going to play) should help put some spark back in the lineup, but you just never know when the tentative bug could strike.

It's been a tough, hard-fought series so far. The Sharks started out by making the most of their chances and winning the battles in the hard areas of the ice. They seemed to have the momentum after their victories in game 2 and game 5 as their much maligned difference makers showed some of the heart and leadership that many have claimed has been missing in years past.

The Flames intangibles and play-off experience have helped them make a series of it, though. Some of the support players have stepped to the fore while Jarome Iginla has shown everyone why he wears the C on his jersey. It's been clear as day that Calgary has wanted it more recently, particular in the game 6 victory.

I think if the boys come out tonight and give 110% they stand a good chance of silencing the critics and advancing to the second round. If all 20 guys can play for the symbol on the front and not the name on the back, they will able to take the home crowd out of the equation and win bragging rights at the end of the day.
Five Hole Fanatics
(FYI: This post, intentionally, makes my sports Cliché hall of fame. Well done good sir)

Grab some beer, pick a team, and enjoy a fantastic evening.

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