First star of the game(s) last night: Jibble_cribbits

Minnesota fact of the day: It is illegal to cross into Wisconsin from Minnesota with a chicken on your head. (Obviously it's a curse to have a chicken on your head. If you've ever played the game "Munchkin" you'll get that joke)

Ok maybe not first star, but that is as good of a pick as the blatantly homer picks for stars of the game by the local Minnesota press. Sure Sakic had 1G and an Assist, Wolski had 2 assists and was a beats, and Smyth had a PP goal, and drew a Penalty shot doing Ryan Smyth like things. It's hard to argue Fedoruk and Rolston didn't have good games (they did) but isn't there some unwritten rule that the winning team should at least get 2/3 stars?

Not that it matters, because like I said in the headline I was the star of the night last night. You see I had an effect on 2 games last night, here's the story:

A couple weeks ago the avs were struggling for their playoff lives. Even though I had swore off the "Sakic" jersey in my closet for the season because of the "s" curse, i wore it that night anyways because I couldn't find my White jersey. The Avs got off to a terrible start and the Jibblewife ordered me to remove the red jersey and find the white one, so I did. The Avs played extremely well as I continued to Don that sweater the rest of the season. Last night I wore the white one and the avs won a game, and played pretty strong throughout the night. So the Avs obviously channeled the power of the away white and used it to eek out a victory.

The sweater is from the Avs glory days and has the old-school "26" and more importantly "Yelle" name on the back. Of course if anyone paid any attention to other games last night you know Yelle had a 2-goal game in Calgary's 3-2 win over SJ last night (one of the goals ended up on SportsCenter's top 10 plays too). I love Yelle as a player, but he's not a goal-scorer he's a penalty killer/checker. So the fact that Calgary won is obviously because of me too. Sorry sharks fans, when the Avs and Sharks play on the same night, i'm just going to have to wear the "Yelle" Jersey


  1. Both of Yelle's goals were so close to being disallowed..

    Don't the Wild have to be a little demoralized in that they outplayed the Avs for much of game 1 and lost?

    I think that has to take some steam out of them.

  2. I think it would be a little demoralizing...

    I think more demoralizing would be how the Avs dominated after Fedoruk's goal. They simply took it to the Wild until they buckled.

  3. That's brutal to not give a star to the guy who scores the OT winning goal in a playoff game.

  4. Correction:

    It's borderline insane not to give a star to the future Hall of Famer captian with the assist on the first goal and the GW OT goal IN THE PLAYOFFS!

  5. I commend you on your performance sir. You deserve that star