Finally: Avs-Wild Breakdown

Minnesota Fact of the day: The Mayo Clinic is located in Rochester, Minnesota.

Here's the official Jibble_cribbits series breakdown:

Avs forwards vs Wild defense/checking lineAdvantage: Avs.
The Wild Checking line will give one Avs line fits all year, and LeMaire knows how to effectibvely eliminate Forsberg (see Wes Walz). But the Avs scoring is finally three lines deep (or should be), and with the Wild losing 2 top four defensemen, the Avs forwards may be too much for the Wild to handle.

Avs Defense/checking line vs Wild offense Advantage: Avs.
Rolston has killed the Avs this season, but usually on the PP. The Avs have held off Gaborik nicely. The Avs are 7 deep on D, and have a very good (and underlooked) checking line in Guite, Lappy, and McLeod

Avs on Powerplay Advantage: BWHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA Wild- huge advantage
The Avs powerplay blows. Add the Wild's excellent PK and this could be what does the Avs in.

Avs on PK Advantage Wild
Avs have a below average PK, and the Wild have the 7th best PP. this is how Minnesota wins their games, they keep you frustrated in regulation and capitalize on dumb penalties.

Goalies Advantage Push.
I think Backstrom and Theo each have a lot to prove, and they have played very similarly this season. It's tough to call it one way or the other.

Coaching Advantage Wild
There's talk that the Avs won't play their Checking line against the Wild's top line, which is insane. The PP sucks, despite all the talent, and LeMaire is generally considered an excellent coach, and rightfully so. This is the area of biggest concern for the avs.

Prediction Special teams are important, but the Avs are the least penalized team in the league, so that PK disadvantage isn't as big a deal for them. The coaching is a worry, but 5 vs 5 they are one of the best teams in the league. Their PP has improved with Forsberg in the lineup (it had to) so I've got Avs in 7


  1. I think that the Av's power play has improved a lot (especially down the stretch)... With all of their top scorers back (and my new GOD - Forsberg), I feel like their PPP (pitiful power play) days might be over...

  2. I was actually going to do a post about how much the avs pp seems to have improved. I just havent'been able to do the research to back it up, yet.