Dèja Vu

♦ Remind me never to blog on the weekend again. In my last post, I used "they're" instead of "their", "feet" instead of "feat" and "sole" instead of "soul". Let's see if I can actually use the correct words in this blog post today huh?

♦ Does anything look vaguely familiar about the Western Conference? Detroit, Dallas and Colorado all made the second round (and San Jose, still has a chance). Where have I seen this before? Not only that but if Philly closes out the Capitals (and of course SJ can knock-out the Flames) 6/8 teams from the 2000 Stanley Cup Playoffs will be back in the second round. (and it could have been 7/8 had NJ been able to get past the Rangers. ) If you look at 98/99 playoffs 11/16 teams who were in the playoffs that season are back in 07/08. In fact if you go back through (whew at least I didn't say "threw" that would be embarrassing ) the years you'll see the same 9-10 teams almost always in the playoffs (Dallas, Detroit, Colorado, NJ, Philly, Pittsburgh, Ottawa, San Jose, Buffalo, Edmonton and Montreal). Some teams make regular appearances (Vancouver, Anaheim, Washington, Tampa, Boston). All these teams making the playoffs year in and year out, despite the massive changes to the NHL over time, for the sole (whew right one this time) purpose to get more teams in the playoffs, just goes to show that no matter how much the NHL tries to even the playing field good management will always trump whatever restrictions are put in place.

♦ I like the retro vibe going on with the Avs this year. Forsberg, Foote, Theodore doing his very best Roy impersonation, but playing the Stars or Red Wings in the next round is taking it to the extreme huh guys? I mean if we're going to have to go up against Mike Vernon or Ed Belfour, I think I'd rather face Vernon, I guess.

♦ I am a bit torn on the Sharks-Flames (Flames.. more like LAMES am I right?) game. On one hand I'd much rather face the Stars in round 2. Mainly because the Avs have played the Stars tough and the Avs absolutely own Marty Turco. However I live in sharks country and while I am not a Sharks fan it's always nice when they do well because more people talk about hockey and the local excitement becomes infectious. It makes work days better if I can shoot-the-shit with co-workers over the game. If the Sharks lose there will be no hockey talk for me at work, which is a bummer. So for that reason I'm still going to cheer for the Sharks to pull it out.

♦ Hockey fans are in for a treat, as this season there are at least 2 (and Washington could make it 3) Game 7's in the first round this year. Not only that, but the Sharks-Lames game actually has some significance to the Avs. Last year I wrote about how special game 7's are, and after re-reading it I am excited for both the Montréal-Boston tilt and the Sharks-Lames. I will be watching because there is nothing in sports quite as exciting as Game 7's.

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  1. 1) Excellent points that 'The more Things Change, The More They Stay The Same'.
    2) A salary cap just can't make up for GM/organizational incompetence. Now those teams can no longer claim poverty is keeping them from competing with the 'big boys'.