Detroit exposes the Avs fatal flaws.

One weakness I have noticed all seas, that came well into play tonight and all series (and yes I'm conceding. Yes 3-0 isn't impossible but of the three 3-0 series so far the Sharks have the best chance of anyone of coming back. The Rangers second. The Avs have the worst chance of doing the near impossible. Yet I digress). As I was saying the one fatal flaws the Avs have is fast forwards coming down along the boards. They always seem to beat the Avs, and the first Datsyuk goal was a case of Zetterburg beating his man (men) to the outside. The Avs had a lot of troublee with this, and a team as good as Detroit exposed them as good teams should.

The Avs had a few defensive breakdowns in game three and it cost them. Give Detroit a lot of credit, they know how to bury the puck. Franzen, Datsyuk and Zetterburg all knew how to bury any chance they got. For once it wasn't the Avs powerplay that let them down, but their penalty kill was awful this series. Their defense, which looked so good in the first series, looked slow in the first three games. Zetterburg and Datsyuk are two of the best (easily top 10) in the league and they made the Avs defenders look bad a couple times.

There's obviously excuses, refereeing (Dater's 100% right here. There were some bad calls against the Avs, but there were bad ones both ways. When Forsberg lit up Kronvall it should have been interference. There was a boarding call against the Avs late that should have been called. And of course the Forsberg take-down and there was a blatent trip on an Av in their own zone not called. Those are all just in the third period. The NHL needs to address the officiating in the offseason, lest they become the NB, digressing again), injuries, the flu, but The Avs lost 3 straight to a better team. Before the series I wondered how good the Avs really were. Well there's the answer, they awere appropriately seeded in the 6th spot. They are a good team with a couple fatal flaws.

The good news is that their young players looked terrific in this series. Hensik was flying around the rink tonight. Jones looked great. Liles, despite nearly being traded this season, was excellent again tonight. McCormick seems to be a solid 3rd line player. With another season of seasoning Cumisky will be ready for a season like this. The Avs core is a good one. This is a team on the rise, not the fall and should be good for the next few years. (I'm not sold on McLeod still. He makes too many mental mistakes trying to be "the pest).

But now, After three games, it's clear Detroit's the better team this season. The Avs had no answer for the Red Wings PP, they took stupid penalties all series and Detroit does what great teams do, they take advantage. You look 5 vs 5 tonight and the Avs more than held their own, they probably even played a little better, but Detroit took their opportunities to put the Avs away. Anyways some final notes on the game:

♦Sakic quietly had another great game. He has looked a little slow at times this season, but there's clearly gas in the tank

♦Forsberg clearly has gas in the tank, but the transmission is falling out, the brakes are bad, and the floor is rusting out.

♦Theo was below-average tonight. He only gave up 1 really bad goal (the Franzen goal in his 5-hole.) But He got beat shortside twice and the post bailed him out bigtime. The Fillpula shot had no business ever hitting the post. He did have some excellent saves though, but he was inconsistent all night. This series has cost him at least $2M/year in his next contract. That's why you sit if you're really sick kids.

♦The Salei-Skrastins trade looks like an absolute steal right now.

♦Why isn't the Guite line getting more shifts against Zetterburg and Datsyuk in this series?

♦Sauer is a good player, but he gets victimized the most by those speedy forwards. He had a truly awful series.

♦The Avs at least came out and put up a really good fight tonight. IT was their last stand (maybe) and they were up to the task. A couple unlucky bounces and a few miscues doomed them, but they played pretty well overall.


  1. Well at the very least, we can all show up for the final game (probable) and celebrate the detoxing of bad eggs come July 1. I have heard Tom Renney actually enjoys the mountains of the West, formerly of Vancouver. Or better yet, simple re-signings (Avery) and with the likely end of Jagr, Shanahan, Malik, Rozsival and others we have over 20 milion in cap to entice some retired veterans to lead our team!!! ;)

  2. I think that McLeod needs a little seasoning, but he showed some great moves in last nights game, and I think that if he makes sure not to be "the pest", he could be fantastic at some point...

    We almost completely shut down Gaborik in the Wild series... Why in the world did Q not try the same with Franzen? He kicked our asses so many times this series.

    I thought the Av's looked really good for a lot of last night, but you are right... We got killed on the PK (even though, on a high note, we at least had 2 PP goals... so that's improving)...

    I think that the refereeing in this game may have been a strong difference maker. I can't WAIT to watch Hensik, Jones, Cumiskey, and JM-Liles play together next season. I think it's going to be fantastic!! Put them with some of our amazing vets, and it's going to be a great season!

    Let's hope that even if the Av's don't have much of a chance to win this series, that they put up a good showing for the rest, and continue to hone their post-season skills!

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  4. ) The regular season apparently was no fluke, as the Wings are just the better team here. We were hoping to see more of a competitive series, but the Av's are just not in the same class as Detroit.
    2) Its looking more and more clear that a Wings-Pens Finals is on the horizon
    3) Question for Av's fans: Does Jose's playoff performance change your take on whether he should be resigned?

  5. @tdr: You want to get rid of Rozsival? I thought he was one of the better players on your team?

    @Taz: We were too focused on Zetterburg and Datsyuk to focus on Franzen. But int general we just didn't play very good defense this entire round.

    @Faux: Detroit is clearly the class of the league this season. About José well I am unsure. I don't think there's anyone better coming into the market, so I guess they should resign him, but I'm not sure I can take another season of goaltender carousel.

  6. Faux,

    Not to me. He's 36 and he's going to want a retirement deal (ie 3 years at least). If the Avs can get him on a one year deal I'm game but if he wants a multi-year deal at over 4 million per year he can go somewhere else.

  7. Theodore's only 31. But I still agree with the assessment :)

  8. Bah, the 6 and 1 are right next to, you get the point.

  9. I hear ya, Dario. Heck, I'm usually not coherent until after I've eaten lunch.

    So far nobody at work has noticed that I talk nonsense most of the morning, then spend my afternoons trying fix the crazy things I told people to do in the morning!

  10. One has to wonder why Hensick didn't see more time in the playoffs. He showed brilliant flashes during the regular season, and he was one of the best players for the Avs last night.

    Also, is Chris Stewart ever going to, ever? I thought he was going to be the next great power forward?

  11. Arnason is way too dominate of a force all year long to even consider giving him a night off Aaron. Him and Wyatt Smith at the start of the year. Q has this resume where he puts guys in a dog house and others are teflon for reasons only he knows. Why guys like Laaksonen, Vannanen, Skrastins etc... get the future HOF treatment is really an unsolved mystery.

  12. Arnason doesn't bother me as a player so much as I think he's a bit miscast on the Avs. He doesn't have the body type to be a checker, yet he's mostly seen time on checking lines. It wouldn't be the first time The Q has had a guy playing in the wrong spot.

    I miss Laaksonen if only because he was good for the occasional Pepto Bismol-like joke.

    "Too much mexican food? Get yerself a bottle of Antti Laaksonen!"

  13. I'm all for getting young players in game 4. Hensik HAS to be in, Jones is obviously in.

    Just throwing this out there, but why doesn't Forsberg announce his retirement now so the Can can give him a proper sendoff tomorrow. I can't believe he's considering coming back for another season, his body couldn't handle less than 2 months of this. How's it going to handle a full season.

  14. Blasphemy! (maybe true... but still Blasphemy!)

  15. It wouldn't be the first time The Q has had a guy playing in the wrong spot.

    Whatever do you mean (cough) Smyth, Hlinka, Boychuk, Cumiskey (cough)