Root Against Dallas

Not just because they are the Stars (even though that's a pretty good reason), but apparently...

... Dave Tippett's job is apparently in trouble. This is a guy who I think should be up for the Jack Adams award this season, well before the Stars kind of faltered down the stretch. Yes he's had trouble getting out of the first round, but he hasn't had the firepower in Dallas (Washed up Modano and Brandon Morrow?) that he would have here with the Avs.

I'll be honest, I haven't watched many Stars games so he could be terrible, and he hasn't gotten out of the first round of the playoffs with the Stars, but those two playoff series were against Colorado, in which Theo had just been traded over and actually played well against the Stars, and last season's epic series against Vancouver in which Turco and Luongo went toe to toe and Luongo finally prevailed.

Despite playing a more defensive style and having few playmakers, the Stars are 11th in PP% this season and were a very respectable 7th last season. Overall on the season they are 8th in G/G at 2.85 and 7th in GA/G. All signs point to him being a good coach who has been a bit unlucky in Dallas.

So root for a Stars first round series loss, and hopefully there will be an excellent coach on the market. (This would presume FG doesn't resign Quenneville, which is dependent upon the Avs playoff run and/or season finish.)

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