No more bitterness

So the Avs are tanking at the worst possible time. Not only that, but in doing so they are losing against teams they have done well against all season (The east and NW teams). They have looked awful over the last 3 games and to be perfectly honest all the excuses have run out. They are relatively healthy, they have loads of talent, and they have a goalie who has been playing well.

At this point of the season all bitterness and cynicism server to do is make the last precious games of the season miserable experience. Soon there will be no more Avs hockey to watch until next season. (And the way the Avs are playing it will be very soon. Ahh sorry cynicism is tough to break).

We're all caught up in the playoff push, and the 3-game skid has put an (understandable) damper on this part of the season, but we've been given a gift of being able to show our appreciation for Avs playing legends Adam Foote and Peter Forsberg. This could also be the final time we see pending free agents Andrew Brunette, Kurt Sauer, Jeff Finger and even Jose Theodore in an Avs jersey. It's also possible that it's the last time we see Wojtek Wolski, as he is a Restricted Free Agent and a GM may be tempted to sign him to an offer sheet.

Finally these could be the final games of one Super Joe Sakic. I don't think he'll retire, but he did have hernia surgery this season and he may decide to retire before father time completely takes his toll on the man. Who knows what he'll do, but I don't want to spend his potentially final games in an Avs unipron jersey being bitter about the fact that his linemates change as often as a pregnant woman's moods (damn this is hard!). I want to watch him carry his team (hopefully) to the playoffs.

So you'll get no more bitterness from me. Analysis, jokes, and BS, sure, but no more bitterness until the end of the season. The way it's going that could be really soon (Ok last one I promise)


  1. The Avs are making it very difficult not to be bitter though