New Avs blogs

A quick post to mention 2 new Avs blogs on these intrawebs:

Draft Dodger, over at In the Cheap Seats, managed to dig up The Dog an Pony Show

And Greg Wyshanski, over at NHL Fanhouse, found The Avslova Factor

Welcome to the club guys.

I didn't know where to say this, and this seems as appropriate list as any, but it's good to be an Avs fan right now. We really have an impressive set of bloggers here on the intrawebs. I was adding the new blogs and others to my blogroll last night and I was amazed at not only the quality of the Avs blogs, but the quantity and diversity as well. I haven't found any blog, Avs or not, that does what Jori over at Colorado Avs Prospects does, or what Tapeleg over at Jersey's and Hockey Love does. Not only is their particular niche unique, it's very well done and well written as well. There's also great game-by-game analysis at ITCS, Avs Talk, and The Avalanche Guild. Then there's Mile High Hockey, Which is great in and of itself, but the commenters are witty, sharp and fun. Add the two new one's above and you've got one of the strongest team blogosphere's around.

Additionally we get great "actual" news coverage from both the Post and the News. (I even say that as I am completely biased against the Rocky Mountain News. It's nothing they have ever done, but I grew up getting the Denver Post every day at home. It's kind of like a Coke-Pepsi thing). Altitude, for all their faults, really does a good job and I like their production better than most FoxSports regionals.

Then there's this yahoo too.

So I'm saying rejoice Avs fans, there's a wealth of great coverage out there, and we're lucky to live in an age when so much quality writing is being spilled for our Beloved Avs


  1. I don't think you can be to biased against the RMN anymore, since they are virtually the same paper. Same building, split the weekend load (one on Saturday, the other on Sunday), and have zero competition. It's one big love-fest.

  2. Just wanted to point out that the Denver Post owns the RMN. Not a lot of people seem to realize that. The RMN is the "conservative" wing of the "liberal" Post and has been for like, 10 years...

    Otherwise, thanks for the props man! Yer up on my list of Ringers. I'm excited to see what the Avs can do now, even with Smitty and Svats out.

  3. there's also the Jay Vean's podcast. Pods aren't really my cup of tea, but what I've listened to has been excellent.

    speaking of all this, I stumbled across a site ( which lists a few Avalanche blogs. There's no new ones...but I did enjoy the description of ITCS...

    "high quality design...not quite matched by content"

    um, ouch! :)

  4. Oh I know that Denver Post owns the RMN, but for whatever reason I just don't go to them for news. It's more a creature of habit kind of thing. I have nothing against RMN, but It's just that "I grew up reading the Post, and that';s how it is" things