A Marked Man

You can be forgiven if you don't know who the man in the picture is, his name is Ruslan Salei, and he's the newest member of the Colorado Avalanche. We acquired him for Karlis Skrastins and a 3rd round pick. So far he's been pretty good for the Avs and he seems like a solid contributer. Terri Frei even did a nice little profile on him in the Denver Post the other day to introduce us Avs fans to our newest contributer. He seems amiable enough, and a decent player.

But I am here to warn you, don't get too attached to him. At the very least wait until next season. No matter how many goals he scores, or how many big hits he dishes out, save your admiration and cheering for him until next season. Why? This man is cursed. You know that teen-horror flick Final Destination, where those teens escape Death and they go around until it catches up with them. Well I'm sorry to say Ruslan Salei was traded into the same situation. I'm sorry: Ruslan Salei is in the wrong path.

Ruslan Salei is the only player whose last name starts with the letter "S" and hasn't been hurt this season.

Smyth (x2)

Beware the "S".


  1. Awh...you just cursed him, so maybe he won't get hurt.

  2. I'm trying for the reverse-curse here ;)

  3. I think Sleek said it best when he said:
    "Dashing through the snow, in the one-horse open Salei......."

    Salei is awesome. No doubt.

  4. I'm still unreasonably happy about Sakic's return, especially considering what the Avs doing well means for my team.

  5. Yeah I have been pleasantly surprised by Salei, and we only gave up Skrastins for him.

    And I'm glad you're happy for Sakic, even if it may cost your Wild

  6. How Ironic... Salei got injured...