How Luongo getting laid could help the Avs

Hockey training camps start in early Sepetember. For players who don't live in the city they play (Like everyone on the Edmonton Oilers and Detroit Red Wings zing!) these players, understandably, have one crazy or intimate final night with their wives/girlfriends. Vancouver's training camp this season essentially started on September 6th. Apparantly Roberto Luongo was one of the players to guilt his wife into sleeping giving up one last night of nookie before camp started. For this Mr. Luongo receives the Jibble_cribbits full stamp of approval.

UPDATE: As you can see in the comments, I'm an idiot and can't count. Despite double-checking my counting abilities. Obviously I need some help.

What does this have to do with hockey, the Avs and the current playoff standings? today is March 26th, which is one week shy of nine months after early September. That's right Mrs. Luongo's failure to pretend to have a headache 9 months ago has left her with child, in s. Florida. That means that Roberto will be leaving for South Florida as soon as she goes into labor, which could be any minute (scroll to the "Quote to note" at the bottom).

If that happens between now and game-time tonight it means we will not be playing against Roberto Luongo for the game that is crucial for the playoff push (pun intended), meaning we have a better chance of winning, passing the Canucks in the process and coming closer to securing a playoff birth (on a roll!).

(In all serious it sounds as if the Luongo's have had a complicated pregnancy so I wish all the best for them. I also hope the best comes today, or on the 1st of April.)


  1. One of the more obscure and entertaining posts I've read in the hockeysphere, Jibble. I wonder what a little action might do for some of my Blueshirts...they all already have headaches.


  2. 1) Interesting/funny idea Jibble, but your math doesn't add up. As a new dad (as of last Wednesday) can tell ya we have been 'expecting' since early July, not September
    2) However your post does pose some interesting questions; Is the birth of your child enough of a reason to leave the team and possibly cost a playoff spot?

  3. Nice post. However, the human gestation period is 40 weeks, not 36, in most cases. Still, doesn't mean that some good summer lovin' in the offseason by Roberto won't help the Avs playoff chances...

  4. Damnit, despite being an engineer and very good at math doesn't mean I can count.

    Somehow I was off by a month and got late August/Early Sept and not the more correct Late July/Early August.

    Either way, Mrs Luongo is still not as good as denying goals as her hubby.