Don't let the NHL network bring me down

So as anyone who lives outside Colorful Colorado but south of Canada knows, last nights all-important, game of the season, playoff-style, ├╝ber matchup between the Canucks and Avs was unwatchable because if TV networks were countries The NHL network would be Lesotho (ESPN is, you guessed it, China). I was torn between going and blowing money at a sports bar (dinner, for 2, beers dessert etc) and staying home listening to it on the radio. I finally decided to shell out money to watch the game...

An it was worth it. First watching games at home I forget how much better watching the games on HD-TVs are. That was fantastic. But more importantly that was the best game the Avs have played all season and I don't just mean the players, but as Shane over at Avs talk astutely points out, it was the best coaching job Quenneville has done this season as well. If I've hammered him for stuff in the past (and anyone who comes here often knows I have) I am going to praise him for getting this one game right. His moves not only worked but were the reasonable adjustment variety instead of his normal line change jambalaya.

And from there the team responded with 5 goals against an uncharacteristically shaky Roberto Luongo. Not only that but despite playing the best opening 10 minutes of a game this season, they dropped to a 2-1 deficit despite completely outplaying the Canucks. Instead of folding Q made some slight adjustments and the Avs came out flying and dominating the rest of the game. It really was the Avs finest, and most complete game, all season.


  1. It was on the NHL network for me last night. The TiVo even picked it up for me. Guess they pirated Canada's feed for us good folk in Oklahoma...

  2. Yeah it was on the NHL network, i just don't get it...

  3. I wonder if Bettman thinks crap like this will make fans break down the doors of cable companies to get the NHL Network added. Because, I don't think it's going to work.

  4. I was able to watch the game in guys made Luongo have to get pulled! That made me laugh.

  5. @DD:

    YEah i don't think me calling asking them to add NHL network is going to do much. Comcast will laugh at ne.


    Yes For some reason the Avs have pretty good luck against Luongo