Call me Jibble_cribbits

First of all a big thanks to The Dark Ranger for covering the Saturday game against the Kings in my absence, despite me royally screwing up my "vacation" post and saying the game was on Sunday. That was just a sign that I really needed a vacation.

Since no one knows if the blog name is "Jibble-Scribbits" or "Jibbles-Cribbits" (Including me!) just to be safe I think I am dropping the "S" for the rest of the season. So from now on I will be Jibble_cribbits, so please refer to me as such, when commenting. (And for those of you wondering my real last name starts with an "S" as well). Somehow I managed to escape catastrophe this weekend despite doing a dangerous sport (snowboarding) on icy slopes with high winds while wearing a burgundy fleece. I might as well play with fire at a gas station.

Also another injury to the report:

Jibble_cribbit's "Sakic" Burgundy Av's Jersey - out, cursed.

I shall only be wearing the White "Yelle" throwback*. Or the non-numbered White.

(*And yes by throwback I mean too cheap to buy a new player's and no way in hell I am buying one of those new bib-monstrosities).


  1. 1) Geez if your team had any luck! Seems as soon as one guy gets healthy another goes down. So when Forsberg returns(for God knows how long!?) who will get hurt then?
    2) here's hoping RS is back soon. He would be a huge missing piece going forward

  2. YAY YOU ARE BACK!! And I'm still calling you there. I can't believe everyone keeps getting hurt.