Whose Line is this Anyways?

It's so easy to complain about the different power rankings out there, that usually it's not even worth it. But this one is so ludicrous that it has to be mentioned. Ross McKeon of the San-Jose Mercury news, and Yahoo! Sports does his weekly power rankings and this week he lists each teams top lines. Remembering that this is a weekly list here's what he said about the Avs top recent line:
Cody McLeod-Paul Stastny-Milan Hejduk: Not at all what the Avalanche expected, but they’re doing their best as the team awaits the return of injured top-six forwards Joe Sakic and Ryan Smyth. The baptism under fire should give the younger players confidence to continue to contribute when the big stars return so, in a way, the injuries can be a good thing for Colorado.

WHAT!?! has this even been a line for Colorado this season? I'm sure with Q's constant juggling these three forwards have appeared on the ice at the same time at some point together, but I would hardly call it the top line. Now throw in the fact that this is a weekly column, and Stastny has been out for 2-3 weeks now and this makes even less sense. The best line has unquestionably been: Svatos-Arnason-Wolski. But everyone knew that McKeon not withstanding.


  1. Are these people even watching the games? And they wonder why the blogs attract readers.

  2. No kidding. I had to re read it when he wrote that, not to mention I'm working on a post about how McLeod should be one of the forwards the Avs send down when Smyth and Stastny return.