Trade deadline coming

With Carolina trading away Mike Commadore earlier this week, and Chicago falling out of playoff contention, the two main suiters for John-Michael Liles services have been wiped away. The only other possibility I can think of is the New York Rangers, who may want a good players on the blue line to shore up their defense. And make no mistake, despite Liles down numbers this season he has tremendously improved on his defense.

DD addressed this earlier this week but I wanted to kind of imagine trade scenarios I wanted, not trade scenarios I thought were going to happen. Consider this post semi-realistic wishful thinking.

Of all the players likely to be traded this season, the one that's most appealing to me is Brian Campbell of Buffalo. He's 28, he lays big hits, he's solid in his own zone and over the last three years he's chipped in with over 40 points per season. Buffalo will want some good players who are under contract for him, and frankly I think working a trade for Brett Clark, Karlis Skrastins and a good young forward (one of the Mc's? Myabe prospect Ryan Stoa? a 2nd round draft pick) Skratch and Clark are both solid contributers who are under contract for the next year or 2, something Buffalo would like. The money saved in those two contracts ($2.4M for Skratch and $3.5M for Clark) opens up plenty to sign Campbell long term deal he deserves. I think one like Hannan got last season ($4.5M for 4 seasons). This also leaves money to resign Finger, and keep Liles (combined with the current salary cap space and the Theo contract coming off the books.)
UPDATE: In Adrain Dater's blog today. Brett Clark is probably out for the year (despite ebing listed as Day to Day) and He also reports Skrastins is likely to be traded, or was before the Clark injury. Looks like we'll need more than Clark and Skratch to pry Campbell away from Buffalo

The Avs do have to be careful because Not only are good young players like Finger, Liles and Sauer UFA's but Wolski, Svatos, and McCormick are RFA's. Also Players like Sakic, and Brunette are UFA's as well. Sakic may retire (i don't think that's likely though) and Bruno will want a raise, even after the season he's having this season. The Avs will need a goalie too, whether they bring back Theo or go after someone else.

Another interesting possibility is C/LW Vaclav Prospal of TB. Prospal is a borderline 1st/2nd line player who has put up a couple 80 point seasons, and is on pace for about an 80 point season this season. Oh he's clearly unhappy in TB right now. Tampa is in desperate need of young cheap NHL ready players. They also need goalies. Unfortunately the only other young under contract players they could deal away are Budaj and David Jones. They could also try and give away one of those potential RFA's like McCleod or McCormick. If the Avs are confidant Theo is going to be their answer in net they could do a Budaj for Prospal and a draft pick. They could also do Budaj and Jones and a draft pick for both Boyle and Prospal. Prospal for draft picks could be a possibility too since TB may just want to get rid of him.

A very darkhorse possibility is a trade for Marty Turco. There's rumor out there that Dallas would be willing to part with the netminder, because they feel like Mike Smith is a #1 and ready to step in. More than likely Dallas won't trade Turco until the offseason, but If the Avs put together a package of a cheap quality backup (Budaj), a decent defenseman (Clark? Liles?) and some other good young players (yes Hensik would be a possibility for this one) or a high draft pick he may be able to be pried away for the playoffs. Would Dallas deal with a potential playoff foe? probably not, but that's why this is a darkhorse dream


  1. I don't see the Av's trading Hensik, at least not currently (with the goals he has put in for their struggling PP so far).... I really like Budaj, and from what I've seen, he has been just as hot as Theo lately, if he was given the opportunity to shine. But if he's not going to get that in CO, I would love to see him go to a team where he could prove his strengths....

  2. PS... Sis your Avs logo has an inconsistancy in coloring. Between the "A" and the blue circle behind it looks a little pink, not white.

  3. That's all i get?? I make a semi-reasoned argument... and all you can do is complain about my logo? Jerk! ;-P