SJ Quickie

Just got home from the game. It's official I have to wear the white Stephan Yelle jersey, it's good luck.

Brett Clark got a 3rd star. He didn't deserve it at all. He had a horrible icing and should have cost the Avs a player with a bad bad delay of game. Luckily the puck went over the boards, and then the side boards and into the Avs bench. he was awful the last minute or two.

I'll have a full write-up, with pictures, but probably not until tomorrow evening. I am crazy busy at work this week.


  1. I hope you weren't caught doing this at the game.

  2. Hey dude. I just read your response on TBL about the games we see on TV.

    We here have Comcast Sportsnet. A few times I have seen games not involving the Flyers on there. Usually involving the Bruins or the Caps. Comcast is huge in Philly, Boston, DC and NY, so although it was strange to see a game other than the Flyers, I thought it was just a Comcast thing and I was in for a special treat. But I saw the SJ feed which is Fox Sportsnet. That's why it seemed exceptionally strange. But I was delighted. Can't complain about more hockey on TV.

    That's weird you've seen the Flyers on your local station. Do you know if it was the Flyers feed or the opposing team ?

  3. I can't remember what the feed was to be honest. I think it was Philly's because I think I remember Bill Clement, but it was a few weeks ago.

    Not surprisingly, here in San Jose we have Comcast too and I saw the Philly game on FoxSports Bay Area.