An Outsider

I will be going on vacation this weekend, and the chances of me actually seeing Foppa's return (if he plays against the Kings) is slim. I am going to a cabin in the mountains to Plan world domination Relax on the slopes.

The relaxation is much needed trust me.

The good news: There will be a guest blogger watching the game, taking notes and will have a recap. It could be done late Sunday night, but since those Eastern Time Zoners are gigantic babies about getting sleep he'll probably wuss out and wait until Monday to post something on the game. (In fairness the game starts at 8pm EST). I don't really know though I'm assuming.

So please welcome a Rangers fan and blogger: The Dark Ranger. TDR and I have tried to trade each others coaches multiple times, but something about a no-blogger trade clause in one of the assistant's contract is holding it up. I have my lawyers looking into it. I have no idea what he's writing, so it'll be interesting to see on Monday. FYI: I'll be doing a write-up for him over at The Dark Ranger about the Isles-Rangers Game Tuesday. I get a classic bitter Rivalry game that should be intense. He gets to See Foppa return against the worst team in the Western Conference. I think I won that deal.

So with that, everyone have fun and I know I will. Treat TDR like you treat me well.


  1. jibblescribbits - Nice redesign and thanks for adding Lowetide.
    Have a great weekend.

  2. Enjoy your vacation...and I am excited for you to get back so I can talk to you about Foote...