NHL Network just sucks

In one of the most exciting games of the season the Avs scored with 14 second left as new Acquisition, Salei, take a booming shot from the point, and "Super" Joe Sakic pounds home the rebound to get the point. The Avs would go on to beat Luongo in the shootout after a fast paced OT in which neither team was able to put it past either goalie, who were both playing very well. Both Vancouver and Colorado are battling for the playoffs as 7 and 8 seeds. Normally those are average teams, but in the very deep western conference the 8-seed could easily represent the Western conference in the finals, while the 9 seed watches it all unfold. That makes for intense thrilling hockey that could draw fans.

Obviously this game was so important, probably the most important game of the night, that it deserved to be on a network that is accessible in only 10M homes in the US> Wait? WHAT?!? That's right die-hard fans around the country who have shelled out $170 for Center Ice in order to follow their team, or just follow games, were unable to see this game unless they are lucky enough to have an unobstructed south-facing access to the southern sky. I, instead, had to listen to the game on the radio and follow the live game-thread over at MileHighHockey.com.

So I got to miss the most important game to date. Awesome. Did the late Bill Wirtz come up with this idea of NHL network? I have no problems with the network, but you have to give at least center ice subscribers access to it right? I know why the cable companies don't want it on the expanded basic tier, but I mean I'm paying for hockey games, shouldn't I be able to watch them?


  1. 1) Didn't realize we were so privileged to get to see that game last night!
    2) Agree that the league is not making a bright decision by limiting exposure of its product that way.
    3) The NHL network is by and large OK. Its cool to see old vintage games in their entirety instead of just hilites. Its also a good place to see the nights games recapped. However they need to limit the number of games like last night where very few people had access to the game, and probably fewer still watched

  2. I have a satellite and purchase Center Ice...but I don't get the NHL Network. I have Dish Network (it is only on Direct TV).

    I was so pissed about this, I nearly hit the ceiling last night when I had to listen to it on the radio.

    And the NHL wonders why they are so marginalized...stupid decisions like this are Exhibit A.

  3. I can't believe that they didn't have the game on the NHL network!!! That was a really important one!

  4. Yes, well I can only say "Joe Sakic is the greatest"so many times before it becomes redundant. Not any less accurate, but redundant.

  5. NHL Network is on Dish Network, but you have to have the HD pack.

  6. Ahh so you just have to pay a boatload no matter the medium. Thanks Jori