Must win tonight

The Avs have lost 4 in a row (all in regulation). They have scored 3 goals in those 4 games. They have dropped from 5th in the West to 11th, and were a fricking Leafs win from 12th. The coaching has been atrocious. Oh and the fans, and those bogymen bloggers, are channeling their inner Kermit the Frog

"Don't worry guys, we know what to do in situations like this"
"What's that?"

But I'm here to remind everyone there is some kind of hope on the horizon. A win tonight gets us back up to a manageable 9th in the conference. Paul Stastny and Joe Sakic are due back as early as this week. And four of the next 5 games are against teams who are within striking distance.

(On a side note, in that analogy. Joe is Kermit, DD must be Fozzy, which makes Mike @MHH Gonzo. I'm totally okay with that analogy)


  1. Would that make you Ms. Piggy? Cuz then I'M OK with that analogy!!

  2. I can't wait til Paul comes back!! Good luck!!!!

  3. Would that make you Ms. Piggy? Cuz then I'M OK with that analogy!

    No I'm either Rivers Cuomo, or the weird looking Muppet who says everything is taken care of.

    Mrs. Piggy is the whoever is most likely to kidnap a member of the Avs... My guess is Dater