An anonymous blogger is reporting that there is a trade between the Colorado Avalanche and the New York Rangers. (check the comments)

The Colorado Avalanche will receive: Rangers head coach Tom Renney, and Assistant coaches Benoit Allaire, Perry Pearn

The New York Rangers will get: Colorado Avalanche Head coach Joel Quenneville, and Assistant coaches Jaques Cloutier and Tony Granato.

Both the Rangers and Avalanche are struggling to meet lofty preseason expectations, and a recent rash of complete embarrassment by both clubs lead to two concerned fans pulling the trigger in a trade that had been discussed before. Avs blogger Jibblescribbits approached Rangers blogger The Dark Ranger months ago with the deal, but TDR originally wanted the Avs to also take Marek Malik. The Avs countered with asking the Rangers take Karlis Skrastins also. Last night's 6-5 Ranger's debacle against the Canadiens, coupled with the Avalanche's debacle Monday in Detroit ignited the trade talks and the two bloggers were able to quickly come to an agreement.

"I'm sad to leave Colorado, but Now I get to coach in NYC. It's a great opportunity" Said now-Rangers Coach Quenneville. "Currently they are in 6th in the Eastern Conference. I was able to get the Avs up to 5th in the West before crushing their chances. I think I can accomplish the same thing in New York."

"Well I'm excited to be playing under a new staff, but I'm really going to miss Mrs. Quenneville" said Colorado backup goalie Peter Budaj.

Rangers GM Glen Sather had this to say "Well I don't expect any type of miracle. But I talked it over with (Avalanche GM) Fraçois (Giguére) and we are hoping the sudden change of scenery for the coaches will stun them. By the time they figure out how to fuck this up, for both teams, Our talented players will have dug us out of this hole."

The trade must still be approved by the blogger board of governors. Neither Rangers nor Avalanche bloggers are expected to dissent.

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  1. "In an unprecedented move in the NHL, with Poster Boy Sid Crosby Still Out on Injured Reserve, Commissioner Herr Gary Bettman is to announce the first ever "Coach Classic" - given the surprise trade of two major franchise coaches, he has proposed former New York Rangers-now Colorado Avs Coach Tom Renney and former Colorado Avs-now Blueshirts Coach Joel Quenneville to blog live for each of their new franchises.

    Gary Bettman is committed to a positive exploitation of the National Hockey League, in part by throwing more shit on the wall to see what sticks and other assorted ideas like opening the NY Rangers in Prague without Jaromir Jagr re-signing, Marek Malik traded seven months earlier leaving the Rangers with 1-2 Europeans remaining on the team.

    Renney on the Oilers Sunday night and Quenneville on the Panthers Sunday night if both schedules can be met. Confirmation of this event through