Avs Trades-Quickie

So in essence the Avs got:

  • World class offensive player (albeit an oft-injured one) {Forsberg}
  • World Class defender, still playing great defense (according to Mirtle) {Foote}
  • A defender who has as many points as any of our other defenders (23-Liles) {23 Salei}
  • AND we get to give away Skrastins (and more importantly his terrible $2.4M contract next season)
  • 2 players that will fill the building

And all we give up in return is (yes giving away Skrastin's is a net positive):
  • 1 First round pick
  • 1 3rd round pick
  • 1 (possible) 4th rounder. I've been in important meetings all day, and have missed specifics
More on this later, but that's a pretty good haul.


  1. I'm in the obvious minority but I like the Foote deal.

    Tell me, when was the last time this Avalanche team kicked all the coaches and press out of the lockerroom for a player only meeting? We know from the old ESPN2 special (forget what it was called but the Red Wings did it one year and the Avs the next) that Foote is the guy in the lockeroom that called everyone out.

    Foote may in fact destroy Tyler Arnason.

  2. I am really curious to hear what you say about Foote. He and Hejda were our top defensive pairing and they did a damn fine job with it. It feels so wrong to see him in the Avs jersey right now.

  3. @bethany: no it feels so right

    @Kirsten: but you picked up Chris Simon!!!

  4. Which is part of the reason I hate life. Why did every other team but mine get better?